Professional Manhattan Cleaning Service that Follows LEED Guidelines

professional manhattan cleaning company that follows leed guidelinesBuildings and companies that are LEED certified have to maintain specific standards. Participants in the LEED program are required to use sustainable cleaning materials, equipment and products. As a LEED certified company, you should work with the right cleaners to ensure that these high standards are upheld and respected.

Eco-friendly Options for Health and the Environment

With the incidence of cancer and lung disease on the rise, it’s wise to switch to safer cleaners that don’t use any carcinogenic or toxic ingredients. Organic cleaning products create a safer environment for employees while minimizing the impact on the world around you. The products should be free of dyes, perfumes and volatile organic compounds. The indoor air quality of your business will improve, and your LEED certification status will be protected.

Smells Clean, Looks Clean, It Is Clean?

Some cleaners don’t really remove the deep-down dirt, but they mask over odors with perfumes. Organic cleaners from companies like Method are highly effective at removing dirt, eliminating bacteria and leaving the entire area truly clean. There are no unpleasant odors to contend with, and you can be confident that the service is clean as possible.

Unobtrusive and Quiet

Another part of LEED requirements reviews the cleaning equipment that’s used. Vacuum cleaners are required to operate at less than 70 decibals to protect the hearing of people in the immediate vicinity. Professional cleaners know how to get the surface clean while remaining unobtrusive, and that includes using equipment that’s not distracting or overly loud.

Moving Away from Disposables

This important program also makes a move away from the disposable cleaning practices of previous decades. The use of microfiber tools and wipes is encouraged in order to minimize landfill waste and reduce paper use. This is good for the environment, and businesses also save money when the cleaning services are able to recycle tools and other supplies.

High-performance Cleaning You Can Count On

A clean working environment is more pleasant to spend your day in, and it’s also more enjoyable for your employees. The LEED program works under the belief that a clean environment is healthier for employees and will help keep people safe. The standard for LEED certified businesses are higher than they are for other companies. It’s important to work with a cleaning team that understands the most recent LEED requirements and can uphold them while providing you with cost-effective janitorial services.

Becoming LEED certified is an important achievement for your business, and many customers look for this specific certification when deciding whom they’ll do business with. The certification must be preserved and maintained through an ongoing commitment to better environmental practices. This includes changing the way you have your offices cleaned.

1st Class Cleaning is proud to offer eco-friendly cleaning services for your convenience. We know what’s required under the LEED certification, and we have the necessary tools, supplies and experience to ensure that you remain in full compliance. Contact us today to learn more about our LEED certified cleaning program.

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