Cleaning Services for Events Hosted in the Industria Superstudio in NYC

industria_superstudio_06When you rent the Industria Superstudio for a gathering, you will have access to two building, seven studios and an art gallery. The exposed brick walls add ambience and the skylights and windows let the sun stream in. It has drive-in access and is one of the most popular event centers in the arts and culture scene. If you are hosting an art show or having another event here, you want to be sure that the facility is sparkling for your guests before the party and that it’s completely clean when you turn the keys in. This can take time, but 1st Class Cleaning can help you.

Let Us Focus on the Small Details

You want your gathering to go off without a hitch. You have visions of a sparkling floor, pristine windows and dust-free space. Unfortunately, simply setting up for a show can bring in quite a bit of dust and dirt. Allow us to clean the venue before the guests arrive. We will polish furniture, dust accessories and shine the floors. Windows will be cleaned to make them sparkle, and you can be assured that any last-minute spills will be cleaned up. We will make sure that the venue looks amazing so you can make the right impression on your guests.In addition to cleaning the main areas, we will also focus on the little details. Cleaning restrooms, the greeting area and other areas throughout the studio, we will make sure that the entire venue is cleaned from top to bottom and ready for use. You have more important things to focus on, but you can let us focus on these details.

Cleaning the Aftermath

When Industria Superstudio gives you the keys, the venue will be clean. They expect that it will be clean when you return the keys after the party. The problem is that cleaning the venue afterwards is exhausting. You’re already tired from the event, and there will be an incredible amount of work as everything is put away, cleaned and the venue restored to original condition. We are happy to handle this for you. With our services, you can be confident that the studios will pass inspection so you can get your deposit back.

Choose a Trusted Team

When you are planning a large event, you need to surround yourself with experienced teams. Trust the cleaning before and after to one of the most trusted names in New York City. We have dedicated cleaning professionals, and we know what both your guests and the Industria Superstudio expect of you. While we do not have a contract with the venue, we have experience cleaning such venues and will provide you with the highest quality services for a reasonable price. Contact 1st Class Cleaning to learn more about our cleaning services and see how we can help you make any event a success. You will be pleased with our rates and thrilled with our service, so call today and let us provide the cleaning services for your event.

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