New York Cleaning Service

There is no shortage of New York cleaning services, and choosing which to trust with the maintenance of your most important asset, your home or business, can be quite the daunting task. Here are some tips to help you find the best New York cleaning service to fit your needs:

  • First, go with the recommendations of friends and family. It’s easy to trust word of mouth – others around you have tested the service already and can tell you if they are worth your business.
  • If no one offers any good references, it’s easy to find a service using standard search engines. Most New York cleaning services worth their salt will maintain some sort of web presence, and usually reviews for individual services can be found online as well. Some services even allow you to order online or purchase gift certificates!
  • Look for a service that has a proven track record. It might be tempting to hire your aunt’s friend that needs the cash and will work for a bargain, but you don’t want to end up paying (more!) to have your home cleaned again, or worse, wondering where your grandmother’s broach went. If you go with a business, especially one that has been around for a few years, they will be invested in maintaining their reputation, which means that if there is a customer service issue, they are far more likely to return your calls.
  • Check to see if the cleaning service is insured. Any legitimate business will be able to produce their insurance certificate without any fuss; it can be easily and without cost faxed or emailed to you. As a rule, worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance are more important than bonding insurance.
  • Background checks for employees are a must. This service will be sending people into your home, most likely when you are not there. Not only should you be concerned about your grandmother’s broach, but also identity theft – who knows what personal information can be found in the mail you left laying out? You want to make sure that your belongings and privacy are never in jeopardy, and the best way to do that is by using a service that checks out all their employees.

Specialized Services

New Yorkers are notorious for wanting it all, and the city’s cleaning services give it to them! Here’s a partial list of some of the services that are advertised in addition to the traditional dusting and toilet scrubbing:

  • Moving services. On top of deep cleaning your dwelling from top to bottom upon moving in and out, some services will help you pack and unpack your belongings.
  • Post construction services.
  • Cleaning for offices and corporate apartments.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  • Chemical-free steam cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, and floors.
  • Organic or “green” cleaning, which uses eco friendly cleaning supplies and energy saving equipment.
  • Window cleaning. Many New York apartments are on higher level floors, making keeping the outsides of the windows clean a real challenge. Many New York cleaning services also window clean using specialized ladders and harnesses.
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