New York City Green Cleaning Services

Great indoor air quality is an important aspect of a clean and welcoming home. A home that smells of must and mildew is never welcoming or healthy. However, a home or business that reeks of heavy chemicals and detergents is actually dangerous for your health. If you are dreaming of a clean and welcoming home, consider hiring a cleaning service that will leave your home sparkling and the air fresh.

Time Indoors
Most people spend the bulk of their time indoors. From the moment you wake until you are ready for bed, you probably don’t spend nearly as much time in the fresh air as you would like. In the wintertime, the cold New York City temperatures will encourage you to spend even more time cooped up in your home or office building. However, the air quality inside these structures is not as safe as you might think. In addition to the gasses released from items like new furniture, the chemicals used to clean surfaces will further degrade the air quality. One way to make the air easier to breathe is to choose a cleaning crew that will use green products to improve the air in your home or business.

The use of organic cleaning products will drastically improve the air quality in your home. Instead of gagging on harsh fumes, you can enjoy the fresh scent of almonds and be reminded of summertime fun with the light scent of cucumbers. The use of organic cleaners makes it easier to spend time indoors, especially when the dreary winter weather prevents you from opening the windows.

Health Matters
Fumes from bleach can make you sick to your stomach, and some commercial cleaners even have caustic detergents like boric acid. Not only are these heavy chemicals not necessary, but they are also dangerous for the people using them. Carcinogenic ingredients found in cleaning chemicals can linger on surfaces and in the air, posing a threat to your family or employees. They must be rinsed off surfaces, wasting water and potentially damaging waterways they are washed into. Choose organic cleaners that are safe for indoor use, so your children can breathe easier and your employees will feel healthier. You will never gag on the smell of chemicals when you choose organic. It is great for the environment and the people who walk into your home or business.

While homeowners want to be sure their house is clean and fresh, there is also a liability issue for business owners. Prolonged exposure to certain cleaners can cause cancer, putting your employees at risk for illnesses. Using caustic chemicals with dangerous fumes where employees will work increases your risk of a lawsuit, but switching to green products will lower that risk. Not only will your business look clean and smell fresh, but your employees may also be more productive when they aren’t dealing with headaches caused by heavy cleaners. It’s the right choice for the environment, your hard-working team and your bottom line.

Organic Cleaning Services
Making the change is as simple as making a request. When you sign up for services with 1st Class Cleaning, ask about our organic options. We are proud to offer cleaning services with green products that will leave your beautiful house sparkling and the air fresh. There are no odors lingering to cause headaches or increase your risk of cancer. Employees will not complain of headaches, and your family will be able to breathe easier. People walking in will be greeted with a place that looks and smells fantastic. Designed to improve the quality of the air in your home, these cleaning materials will not harm the rivers and lakes around the New York area, so they can be used with confidence. Efficient and effective, organic cleaning services from 1st Class Cleaning are the right choice for anyone worried about the environment, indoor air quality or personal health.

Method Products
Made from surfactants derived from nature, Method cleaners use the power of the planet to safely clean every room in your home or business. Designed to be sprayed on and wiped off, there is no need to rinse surfaces after these cleaners are used. Not only does that make them a faster choice, but it also means that they require less water to work. Because they are not flushed down the drain, you don’t have to worry about them harming local waterways. Since they are organic and safe, you also don’t have to worry that they will harm your pets, family or staff.

We use a special tub and tile spray that removes soap scum and even hard water stains, but it won’t leave behind any odors of bleach or ammonia. Completely biodegradable and safe for use, your guests will enjoy a sparkling bathroom free of any questionable odors. Shiny windows make a room feel brighter, more welcoming and cleaner. Chemical cleaners can leave unsightly streaks and embarrassing odors. We offer steam cleaning services, so the windows can be cleaned without the use of any chemicals. If this service won’t work for you, feel free to take advantage of our organic services with Method Mint Window Wash. Excellent for windows, glass and mirrors, this blue cleaner features a refreshing mint smell and a streak-free finish.

Kitchens can sparkle and shine when 1st Class Cleaning treats the appliances with Method cleaners. Stainless steel can shine and gleam in the light when dirt and grease are cleared away. The cleaners from Method take it one step further, leaving a protective layer that will keep the appliance looking beautiful. Granite and marble cleaner is also available from Method to keep your counters and floors looking like new.

Beautiful leather is luxurious and demands special treatment. 1st Class Cleaning has leather wipes from Method that will keep all the leather in your home or office looking and feeling luxurious. From your executive chair to the storage ottoman, trust our team to keep your leather soft, supple and beautiful. From your beautiful wood furniture to the picture windows of your New York City apartment, Method has a cleaner for every hard surface and soft leather ones. When it comes to the air quality of your home or business, trust nothing less than the green team at 1st Class Cleaners and their incredible products from Method.


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