New York City Cleaning Service

Finding the right New York City Cleaning Service can be a bit like finding just the right piece of hay in a haystack. Sorting through the countless companies can be a bit cumbersome. But, if you know what to look for and think about what exactly you need from the company you might have an easier time.

Residential or Commercial?

First, it’s important to understand the differences between commercial and residential cleaning services. Commercial services will clean your office or business regularly, or during post construction, or after a natural disaster of some kind. A commercial cleaning service can come once a week before during or after work, and they can do everything from a comprehensive cleaning that includes dusting and emptying the trash, to just focusing on the bathrooms.

Residential services will clean just about anything you need within your home. They can do annual cleanings, or they can come every week if you need. They can clean your whole house, or focus on one area, like the kitchen or bathrooms, or your teenagers closet – who knows what’s lurking in there. Residential cleaning companies pride themselves on catering their services to what each of their client’s need within their homes.

Do Some Digging

Once you know what type of cleaning you need it’s time to do some research. Find out more about the companies you’re considering. For example, what type of cleaners do they use? Are they toxic or harmful in any way? If you have pets or people in your home with allergies, you should avoid companies that use harsh cleaners. Services like 1st Class Cleaning use only biodegradable and totally safe chemicals, so you never have to worry about the products that are being used in your home.

Also, find out about how the company is run. What type of screening process do their employees have to go through? How can you be assured they are trustworthy? Whether in your home or business, how do you know your belongings are safe? All of 1st Class Cleaning’s workers go through a rigorous screening process that includes a background check to ensure that only the most trustworthy people have access to your home or business.

Another thing to find out is whether or not the company is licensed and insured. This will protect both you and them in the event that one of their employees is hurt in your home. Ask what the procedure is if something like that were to happen, and also how they deal with broken items or if something goes missing in your home.  1st Class Cleaning is licensed and insured to help protect you, as well as their employees.

You should also be aware of their policies about dissatisfaction. What happens if you decide they didn’t do a good job? 1st Class Cleaning has an unconditional satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with any aspect of job they do, they’ll come back and clean it again for free.

1st Class Cleaning knows you have other things to do, rather than spend your time cleaning your home or office. That’s why they work hard to provide you with top notch cleaning service in New York City. Visit today to schedule an appointment with 1st Class Cleaning.

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