New York City Apartment Cleaners: Bonded, Licensed, Insured

apartment-162212_640Life in the Big Apple gets pretty hectic, which is why there are so many benefits to hiring a cleaning company to take care of the dirty work in your apartment. Not only will you save time you can spend with friends and family, working on an important project or practicing your favorite hobby; you’ll also lower stress, have more space and always be ready for company. Yet trusting a person or company to come into your home and do the job can be a little more difficult.

Protecting Your Stuff

Of course price matters, but when choosing a cleaning company it shouldn’t be the biggest factor in your decision. A cut-rate service is more likely to supplement their income with your valuable possessions. If you want to protect your stuff, you need to be sure you’re working with a company that performs background checks and gets references for its employees before it hires them.

At 1st Class Cleaning, we carefully screen our staff and take steps to ensure that they’re honest, professional and trustworthy. We take care of our maids with competitive hourly rates and bonus programs that allow them to earn a little extra. We offer meticulous training programs and offer some of the highest pay rates in the industry to ensure that our workers are happy.

We also take steps to protect your home by storing the key to your apartment in a doubly locked box located at our office. Each key is individually coded and cross-referenced separately so only the housekeeper responsible for cleaning your home has access.

Our workers are all bonded and insured. We respect your privacy. We never sell, trade or give away personal information.

The Importance of an Insured Team

Even a sparkling clean record is not a sure guarantee that someone is trustworthy, which is why it’s still important to work with a licensed, bonded company. In the event that something in your home is stolen, you’re covered. If something is accidentally damaged, you’ll be compensated. So when you’re researching potential companies, don’t settle for one that is not completely bonded and insured.

We pride ourselves on our trustworthiness. If you have special valuables, heirlooms or irreplaceable items, we ask that you please put them away before your scheduled service or give us instructions not to touch them. Unless you specifically request that our team organize your closets or dressers, we will never open a closed drawer or door. A closed door signifies that you do not want that area to be cleaned.

We always prefer that you’re home to meet your maid during our initial service so that you can better explain your needs. If you’re happy with the service of the first housekeeper that we send to your home and use our service on a regular basis, we will always try to have that same housekeeper return for follow ups. The only time this wouldn’t be true is when that person is ill or on vacation. If that’s ever the case, we’ll send another highly trained housekeeper in his or her place.

Our employees always show up in a clean, neat uniform so you can easily identify them as a member of our service. No one will eat, drink, smoke or use appliances while inside of your home. And in the unlikely event that something is damaged or broken, we will make every effort to have the item repaired or replaced. Insurance claims will always be filed when appropriate. However, we treat your home with considerable care to ensure that this is never the case.

A License to Clean

Our license shows that we follow all local laws and regulations and that our agency is on record with the government. It’s just more reassurance that your cleaning company is reliable and honest. A license isn’t difficult to get, so there is no excuse for a cleaning company to not have one. Always ask if the company you’re considering is bonded, licensed and insured before signing a contract.

No Contracts Necessary

Some companies will want to lock you in with a contract because it’s guaranteed work, but you’ll find yourself stuck even if you don’t like the service. We never force our customers into a contract—we know our service is good enough to get a second call.

Tailored to Fit Your Lifestyle

We provide services that suit your lifestyle. So whether you need one big clean to start the spring season, a little help after an especially raucous party or a recurring service that comes weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

Yet we’re always looking for ways to add value, convenience and affordability to our service and show our customers our appreciation for their business, which is why we offer discounts to clients who choose a one year service commitment.

We also offer night, weekend and holiday cleanings should this suit your schedule better.

Free Estimates and Accurate Pricing

One problem with many cleaning companies is that they work on hourly rates but don’t tell you the final price until the job is done. But that’s not first class service. Instead, we choose to offer a free estimate on an initial service so you have a reasonable range for the estimate and can make an informed decision.

Once we’ve cleaned your home and know what to expect, we can set a flat fee for recurring visits should you choose to schedule them. That way you have one reasonable fee that’s easy to include in your monthly budget.

Quality Checks

We perform quality checks at the end of every service to ensure that work was done properly and thoroughly. You deserve to come home to a truly clean apartment and that’s the service we’re here to provide.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you want to be sure that you’ll be satisfied with your service, choose a company that guarantees it. We’re so confident you’ll love our service that we stand behind it with a guarantee. If you ever feel that the job wasn’t done to your expectations, we’ll reclean the area at no additional charge.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services or want to hire us to clean your NYC apartment, simply contact us today!

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