Moving Services for Businesses Relocating to Manhattan

Moving Services for Businesses Relocating to ManhattanMoving a household is challenging, but moving a business can be even more difficult. In addition to relocating everything, you also want to minimize the disruption and inconvenience for your customers. This is where professional moving services can prove beneficial. Here are just a few of the ways that a professional moving team can make relocating your business to Manhattan easy and convenient.

Business as Usual Until Moving Day

You don’t want your employees to neglect an important project or take them away from client services by boxing up files and electronics. In addition to wasting their talents, you’ll also find yourself without the important supplies that you need weeks or even months before the big move. Professional movers will come in with a full team that’s trained to work efficiently and quickly. What would take you weeks to accomplish can be carried out in a matter of hours. This allows you to continue with business as usual until you reach the final day and it’s time to actually pack up your business.

Insurance Protection You Can Trust

As a business owner, you appreciate the cost of insurance. You know that filing a claim drives up your rates. When you go with professional movers, they’ll have their own insurance to cover your personal property and business assets. If something is damaged or lost in the move, it will be covered under their insurance. This gives you peace of mind to know that you’re protected without having to take on any of the risk yourself.

Preparing the New Site

Never assume that a new business location will be clean and ready for use. If the storefront has sat empty for several months, then it may have a healthy layer of dust that needs to be cleaned up. When you arrive on the scene, you want to immediately start unpacking the items and setting up the new offices or retail space. However, this will be hard to accomplish if everything is buried under a layer of grime and you cannot see out the windows. While the moving company probably will not offer cleaning services, local cleaning companies are happy to help you. Before the movers arrive at your Manhattan location, you can have professional cleaners give your new business facility the white glove treatment and ensure that it’s ready for move-in.

Help with Unpacking

Once all the computers, partitions, files and inventory have been moved, it’s time to start setting up the new workplace. Even with all of your employees working overtime, this can still turn into a major project. Some movers offer unpacking services to help you get everything organized and ensure that you’re ready for business. If you’re planning on moving a business to Manhattan, let the team at 1st Class Cleaning help you with the move-in process. We offer efficient and thorough cleaning services so that you won’t have to worry about dust, debris or fingerprints on the windows. We’ll also help you get everything organized so that you can get back to business as usual in record time. Call our team today at (800) 309-7881 to schedule your move-in services and let us help welcome you to Manhattan.

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