Move Out Cleaning Manhattan

Moving can be an exciting and time consuming process. Moving in Manhattan can be quite difficult, thanks to organizing movers, packing and unpacking boxes, and deciding which furniture goes and which stays. Getting to a new place can be hard enough, but coming back to clean your old apartment can be stressful and unpleasant. Thankfully, there are cleaning services than can help you with every step of the process as you move. Whether you move to a different floor in the same building or to a whole new location across town, cleaning companies will help you feel at ease with the process, and eliminate some of the many tasks involved.

When you move out of an existing apartment or even a house, it needs to be left in good, clean condition. If you were renting the home, the landlord may hold or even keep your deposit if it is not cleaned thoroughly. If you are moving, it is important to get that deposit for moving fees, new furniture costs, and other expenses incurred in the process. If you are selling the place, it is often in the contract that you leave the home clean to the next residents. If you don’t have the time or the energy to clean the home on your own, hire 1st Class Cleaning to take care of all the details. We supply the equipment and cleaning products to mop the floors, clean the windows, remove staples from the walls, sterilize the bathrooms, and thoroughly clean every inch of the space.

If the moving out deadline is sneaking up on you and you haven’t had a chance to begin packing, hire 1st Class Cleaning to handle some of the packing as well. We can clean pieces as they are packed, ensuring they arrive in one piece and dust free, ready to be unpacked. You can choose to have just certain rooms packed, like your kitchen or bedroom, or bundle it together to have the entire place packed up and ready to go in as little as one day. Of course, you may need some help unpacking everything once you arrive at your new home. 1st Class Cleaning is happy to help you with those tasks as well, perhaps organizing your new space while you are at work, leaving you to come home to a new apartment without any hassle.

Even if you have left your previous home in spotless condition, sometimes your new home is not so clean. If you are unsure who the previous tenants were or how they treated the home, be cautious and ensure the entire place is cleaned before moving in. If you do not have the time or the expertise to clean an entire studio, one bedroom apartment, or even an entire house top to bottom, have 1st Class Cleaning do the hard work for you. We can remove any trash left behind, sterilize all the kitchen appliances, and make sure each surface is dust free before you officially move in to your new home.

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