More Room to Play: Organizing Your Kid

More Room to Play: Organizing Your Kid_More Room to Play: Organizing Your Kid’s Playroom

Head to the local department store and you’ll find countless storage options for your child’s playroom. Unfortunately, most of those options feature pressed board, flimsy fabric containers or plastic goods that cannot stand up against active children. Luckily, there is a better way to get the toy room organized and save your sanity.

Shift to Dressers

Leave the plastic bins at the store and make the transition to wood dressers. They’re sturdier and more attractive. The top of a low dresser can be used for books, a lamp or your child’s latest creations. The drawers are perfect for organizing all of those small items that seem to wind up all over the room. Put the dolls in one drawer and leave their accessories in another. Use a drawer just for Lego directions and put the different parts in a different one. Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, the drawers will be handy for storing their most favorite pieces and keeping everything organized.

Put it on Wheels

If your child has toys that are used every day, then put the container they’re stored in on swivel casters. They can have a blast pushing the wheeled crate around the room to pick up their cars or art supplies. When cleaning up is fun, the kids are more likely to help, and that’s good news for busy parents.

Get Clever with Containers

Most toys come in cardboard containers. While this is fine for a doll where the box is thrown away, the cardboard boxes for games and cards can tear up with regular use. Put cards in plastic travel bar soap containers to keep them neat and organized. Keep the pieces for board games in Ziploc bags so they’ll stay in one place even if the box tears.

Careful Placement for Parent Sanity

There are some toys you want your kids to have easy access to, but others need to be kept in storage unless you can supervise the kids. Put the items that your kids can play with anytime down low where they can reach them. The games with small parts or fragile pieces should be stored on high shelves where the kids cannot reach them without your assistance.

Cover the Mess

Open shelves and piles of toys can be an eyesore, but you can easily cover the mess by using cabinets or shelves with doors. A benefit of doors is that you can add a lock to keep children out of certain areas and help the room stay neat. Another option is to hang coordinating curtains over the shelves to keep the items hidden when not in use. It’s an easy to way to ensure that your organized playroom also looks attractive.

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