Maids For Hire In Manhattan

Maids for Hite in ManhattanSome of us love our professions, our families and our homes, but hate cleaning. 1st Class Cleaning is a certified cleaning service in the Manhattan and New York area furnishing maids for hire, janitorial services and cleaning services according to your needs. In addition, the cleaning and maid service is green, using only those products that are safe and natural in your home. Green cleaning and maid services are healthier and safer for your home and family, and do not cost more than the traditional cleaning and maid services.

1st Class Cleaning cleans with Method products because they are the safest and work the best for homes, offices and businesses in Manhattan. When a better green product comes on the market, it is tested and added to the cleaning arsenal. The cleaning crews and maids are all extensively trained in proper green cleaning techniques, along with safety measures and highest cleaning standards. They are closely supervised, well trained, honest and polite. This service guarantees 100% satisfaction for all you cleaning and maid requirements.

You may not want or need weekly maid or cleaning services, but want these services available when you do need them. 1st Class Cleaning can offer you weekly, bi weekly or monthly scheduled cleaning and housekeeping services at special rates. We also have one time or on call services available for those who need help getting ready for a party or company, are moving into or out of a property, after remodeling projects or after water leaks or other emergencies. Whether we clean for you once a year, or every week, we give your home or business the same professional care and attention to detail.

When you have your space cleaned by professionals on a regular basis, it will look and smell better and be more pleasant to work or live in. You can be better at your job, spend more time with your family or have more leisure time to unwind, when you use a maid or cleaning service instead of wasting your valuable time. Our well trained maids and cleaning staff know all the techniques to do a really good cleaning job in a minimum of time, so we will not be intrusive or get in anyone’s way.

1st Class Cleaning is a click away. You can tell us your needs and get a quote on the costs promptly. All prices are standardized so you will know what to expect. You can choose the degree of cleaning you want, whether it is basic cleaning or more detailed cleaning. You will be assured of green cleaning products and techniques being used in your space. You will not have to worry about nasty lingering, fumes affecting your health or enjoyment of the space. Your property will be safe and secure during the cleaning process. The company will do its best to work on your schedule and convenience. Try 1st Class Cleaning once to see if you like the service and you will surely be back. Contact us at today!

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