Maid Services Howard Beach NY, 11414

Hiring a maid for general housecleaning and laundry may seem like an expensive idea but in fact the service is very affordable. Howard Beach residents can rely on 1st Class Cleaning for a dependable, expert maid. Our staff of highly qualified workers will keep the home spotless and perform above and beyond expectations. Whether the customer needs room cleaning, kitchen upkeep or total laundry service our maids are ready to complete the job.

Expect First Rate Service From Day One

Our maids are dispatched directly to Howard Beach residences at the exact time the customer wishes. Our field personnel are equipped with all of the cleaning products, wipes, brushes, towels and other tools required for complete home service. A custom schedule can be set up where certain duties are performed only on a particular visit. If the customer desires an ongoing contract the same maid can be scheduled for repeat service. This means familiarity with the routine and a personal touch because the maid has a commitment to reliable work each and every visit.

Bathrooms, Kitchens And Carpet

Our maid service handles all of the vacuuming, dusting, polishing and window washing duties. The bathroom will receive special attention. Faucets and other fixtures will be polished and the sinks will be thoroughly scrubbed. Toilets are always 100 percent sanitized and all mildew growth, mold or lime deposit is quickly dealt with.

Our personnel are experts in giving the kitchen a complete cleaning. Every speck of grease and grime is removed from the range top and hood. The refrigerator will be inspected for dirt, food residues and leakage from containers. The entire counter tops are cleaned using natural dirt removers and solvents.

Carpets can be vacuumed on a regular schedule. Steam cleaning is also available from our professional maid staff. The laundry will be expertly separated and washed. Our company prides itself on the total residential cleaning services we offer and are thrilled to hear the positive reviews from customers regarding the efficient work of our maid staff.

We Use Green Products Exclusively
Other cleaning services may use toxic chemicals and harsh cleaners that can contain dangerous compounds. At 1st Class Cleaning the philosophy is quite different. Only organically-based cleansers and soaps are used. No harmful residues are left behind, nor are humans and pets subjected to lingering odors or fumes that could cause health problems. Our commitment to environmental safety is top priority and we guarantee the home will be sanitary and toxin-free.

Licensed, Bonded Field Personnel
All of our maids have undergone a thorough background check. We require them to be licensed and bonded. They are trustworthy and customers need not worry about the safety of their personal items. Our company has a long history of courteous, professional service performed by the home cleaning personnel we employ. We want the customer to feel completely at ease when using the services of our maids and to that end we guarantee the safety of all personal property.

Your Howard Beach Home deserves only the best residential maid service available. Prices are extremely affordable and satisfaction is our promise. Contact us today at to schedule an appointment or to ask about hiring your very own personal maid.


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