Hire Professional Maids in NY

At 1st Class Cleaning, professionalism and dependability are the highest priorities. We make it simple to hire professional maids in NY and the surrounding area. We offer our clients flexible scheduling, a custom-designed maid service, and unbeatable pricing. It’s no wonder our company is one of the most recognized home cleaning operations in the region.

We provide all the equipment, tools, and cleaners when we dispatch one of our maids to your New York City home. We also take the time to listen to our customers’ requests concerning necessary duties, safety, and security. With many years of experience in the contractual maid service, we believe that our environmentally friendly, professional approach to home cleaning is second to none.

Choosing The Right Service

Professional, working men and women often have far too little time to take care of their own home. This is not a bad reflection on the individual. It simply means that outside help is needed.
For an affordable price, we offer our clients:

•    Vacuuming, dusting, and polishing
•    Cleaning of kitchens, pantries, and appliances
•    Sanitizing of bathrooms and other areas
•    Laundry cleaning and folding
•    Window washing

Our team of cleaning experts will be dispatched with all the tools and cleaners needed to perform the job right, each and every time. One of the benefits of choosing a professional maid for the maintenance of your home is the rapid pace with which he or she can complete the work. Repeat business is our company’s specialty because we know that once a maid becomes familiar with the routine, completing the job at hand in the time requested becomes quite easy.

Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

One of the major concerns homeowners and apartment dwellers in New York City have with cleaning or sanitizing procedures is the problem of residues and lingering odors. Many individuals have allergies, sensitive skin, or are worried about the possible consequences of inhaling toxic fumes. At 1st Class Cleaning, the health and safety of our clients is paramount.

We use only green cleaning products when we perform work in your New York home. No dangerous chemicals are employed. Instead, the professional maids, dispatched by our company, use products with organically derived ingredients.

This means that toxic agents never enter our customers’ household, nor do they end up in the city sewer system. People and pets are kept safe from potential health problems, and the environment is protected from dangerous wastewater as well.

Concerning Safety And Security

All of our company’s employees are only hired after a thorough background check has been completed and all employees are bonded. We take the time to ask our clients about areas of the home that are off-limits, and we never send personnel to the home unless the owner or tenant has given permission. Questions about entering the premises when the owner is unavailable will be fully addressed before a contract is signed.

If a scheduled cleaning visit needs to be cancelled or if an emergency requires additional services, we can arrange for alternate personnel or change the date/time on a moment’s notice. Our basic contract includes complete cleaning services, but if certain duties need to be performed on a less frequent basis, changing the contract temporarily is absolutely no problem.

Find out how affordable it is to hire professional maids in NY by calling 800-309-7881 or contacting us via our online contact page. At 1st Class Cleaning, professional maid service at affordable prices is our guarantee.

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