Flooring Steaming Services in Astoria NY

Flooring Steaming Services in Astoria NYHomeowners may be aware of the benefits of cleaning carpet with the power of steam, but they are often unaware that other flooring types benefit from this cleaning technique as well. Vinyl, composite, ceramic tiles and wood can all be cleaned with the right steaming equipment. Flooring steaming services in Astoria, NY are the best way to remove old stains and stubborn dirt that won’t come up with vacuuming or mopping. Regular visits from a flooring steaming service can keep your new carpet or tile looking like new for years of heavy use.

How It Works
Floor steam machines are advanced cleaning tools that are designed to combine high heat and steam for effective dirt removal. Different equipment is used for carpet, tile and wood flooring. Tile cleaners usually come with buffers that spin very quickly as the steam is applied. Carpet steam machines are equipped with vacuums to remove moisture and the dirt that is loosened by the steam. Equipment for steam cleaning hardwood floors is calibrated to use just enough heat and moisture so that no damage occurs. These tools must be used by professionals if you want great results without permanent damage to the flooring.

The combination of heat and steam allows flooring steaming services in Astoria, NY to remove the most stubborn dirt and stains. The heat and the moisture loosen the dirt and allow buffers or vacuums to pick it up. This deep cleaning helps restore the natural luster or color of your flooring if it has aged since it was installed. Beige carpeting may become white again after a thorough steam cleaning. Shampooing your carpeting can remove stains, but it only cleans the fibers on the surface. Steam penetrates to the foam pad below and helps remove any dirt trapped below the carpeting.

Only pure water and gentle cleaning products are required for the flooring steaming process. The equipment is very quiet and won’t disturb your work if you are at home during the cleaning appointment. The machines work quickly to restore your flooring, making it possible for a team to deep clean an entire home in just a few hours. There are no dangerous or irritating fumes produced by the steam and no residue will be left on your tile or wood floors. You can use the floors again as soon as they dry instead of waiting hours to use your kitchen or bathroom.

Other Floor Cleaning Options
While steaming works great on most flooring, there are a few products that can’t handle the heat or the moisture. Hardwood floors that have not been sealed will absorb the steam. Most natural stone is very heat and moisture tolerant, but some varieties may become discolored temporarily. Engineered wood planks will swell and warp if steam cleaned. If steam cleaning isn’t an option for your home, there are dozens of other deep cleaning methods that can restore your floors. Talk to 1st Class Cleaning to learn more about the best ways to care for your home’s flooring.

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