Commercial Maid Services in Manhattan

Finding a commercial maid service can be a difficult process.  Once you narrow it down to your local neighborhood, there can often still be a number of companies all claiming to be the best at what they do.  So, what can you expect out of a basic cleaning from a commercial maid service, and how do you choose from the bunch?

A typical commercial maid service will provide you with a range of services.  They should include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning of all glass (which includes mirrors, shelving and any glass surfaces in your business), disinfecting of bathrooms and any common areas, emptying trash, and things of that nature.  However, a good commercial maid service will cater their offerings to your specific needs.  They can do just about anything within your business, including cleaning out the fridge in the break room, all you have to do is ask.

They should also be able to come at a time when it’s most convenient for you.  You should never hire a company that dictates when they can come and clean.  Find someone who can come before, during or after business hours so that your cleaning is as low impact and as seamless as possible for your clients and employees.

When hiring a commercial maid service, it’s vital to find someone that uses nontoxic cleaners.  When so many people are exposed to the fumes, it’s imperative to err on the side of caution.  It’s impossible to know each and every person’s medical conditions and whether or not they have respiratory problems.  That’s why hiring someone who uses environmentally friendly products is helpful.  That way your employees’ health is not even a factor in this equation.

Something else to consider is whether they are insured and bonded.  Especially when they’re involved in a commercial environment where there are a lot of variables, and opportunities for someone to get hurt, it’s important to select a company that insures all their employees so you’re not financially responsible if an accident does happen.

Also, look closely at their hiring process, especially if you’re going to have them come before or after hours.  You need to make sure the people who have access to your business are responsible, trustworthy workers who will not take advantage of you.  Make sure the commercial maid service you select conducts thorough background checks to ensure there aren’t any criminals inside your business.

A company like 1st Class Cleaning keeps your business as their number one priority.  They strive to meet your every need, including coming at the most convenient time for you.  They also use top of the line cleaners made by a company called Method.  They’re products are completely biodegradable and pose no threat to your employees or the environment.  They even use HEPA filters in their vacuums to help eliminate allergens.  1st Class Cleaning puts all of their employees through a thorough screening process which includes an intensive background check.  They’re also bonded and insured to provide the safest working environment for everyone.

To make an appointment with 1st Class Cleaning, or to learn more about commercial maid services, visit

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