Maid Services Staten Island, NY

maid services Staten IslandHiring a maid or housekeeper may sound expensive. In reality homeowners usually find the investment will almost pay for itself. Time is not wasted keeping the home neat and sanitary. Cleaning products are provided and homeowners save money by not having to purchase mops, towels, buckets and sponges. At 1st Class Cleaning our goal is to provide customers with 5-star residential and office cleaning services performed by knowledgeable housekeepers. We serve all of Staten Island and can arrange either a one-time or continuous contract covering everything from simple floor waxing to complete home sanitation.

Making The Home A Healthier Place
Dirt and grime can build up very quickly throughout the home. Soot from the kitchen, particles tracked in from the outside environment, food scraps that find their way underneath furniture and into the carpet, pet dander and more turn a clean home into a disaster area. Our professional staff is trained to provide expert carpet cleaning, kitchen sanitizing, wall cleaning and even laundry. At 1st Class Cleaning we provide our customers with whatever project the home requires.

Many second rate cleaning companies do not offer specialized services such as cleaning of curtains and drapes, dust removal from heating and air conditioning ducts or delicate laundry wash. We know that your time is valuable and therefore we employ field operators able to take on the any challenge your home can throw at them.

Concern For The Environment
At 1st Class Cleaning we use only advanced technology cleaning soaps, solutions and solvents. Many of the products found on the store shelves contain toxins, skin and eye irritants and chemicals harmful to pets. When we clean a home we promise no harmful residues, no allergic reactions and no lingering odors. Those with asthma or other respiratory problems can rest easy knowing that only organic cleaning products will be used when our company is on the job.

Naturally derived surfactants are also better for the waste water treatment systems. Many home cleaning products contain compounds that remain in the water even after it has been commercially treated. If this water reaches the ocean the damage may be beyond repair. Our non-toxic cleaning products will not leave anything dangerous on surfaces nor introduce questionable chemicals into the ecosystem.

Dependable Maid Service For The Home
Our housekeeping personnel will arrive at your Staten Island home on time and ready for work. They are very careful about leaving furniture undisturbed unless absolutely necessary, will not use products that scratch surfaces and can be trusted to keep away from personal items such as clothes and jewelry. At 1st Class Cleaning we are proud to advertise our extremely high rate of customer satisfaction, which we owe to the professional services provided by our expert work force.

All our housekeeping and maid personnel are licensed and bonded. Because we offer excellent salaries and benefits we are able to attract the most experienced, qualified men and women in the industry.

Want professional cleaning services at affordable prices? Go with the best. Contact us for job estimates or to schedule an appointment for your Staten Island home.


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