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Maid Services Ozone ParkAt 1st Class Cleaning, our clients are number one! After carefully consulting with each client about special cleaning needs, we will customize a cleaning program. Clients sometimes require special one-time cleaning services:

After foreclosures evacuate
Before a house flip
Post construction or renovation projects
When renters move out

Hiring our cleaning service allows:
-Construction crews to begin the next project.
-Flippers to begin renovation projects sooner.
-Owners may lease the apartment or house to new tenants faster.
-Realtors to start advertising and showing the apartment or house sooner.
-The mortgage company or bank to concentrate on paper work.

Unfortunately in today’s economy there are numerous foreclosures. A foreclosure is a sad occasion for the family losing a home, the bank or mortgage company that may be stuck with a house in bad repair and the realtor that must meet deadlines to sell the house. Let our cleaning crew at 1st Class Cleaning take care of the cleanup. We can:

-Air out the space
-Bag and remove debris
-Clean bathrooms
-Clear floors and counter tops of all items
-Dust, sweep, mop and vacuum
-Wipe down baseboards, countertops and fixtures

Many people buy houses or apartments involved in short sales or bid on houses or apartments involved in foreclosures to repair and resale for a higher price. Often cleaning must be performed on the place before the construction crew can begin repair work and renovation. Our employees at 1st Class Cleaning can schedule a two-phase cleanup process involving:

Phase One:
-Air out the house or apartment
-Bag and remove debris
-Clear floors and counter tops of all items left behind

Phase Two:
-Clean bathrooms
-Dust all surfaces
-Sweep and mop floors utilizing appropriate solutions
-Vacuum carpets

Construction crews often leave behind empty boxes and lumber scraps post construction projects or after renovating an apartment or house. Let us clean the apartment or house post construction by:

-Bag empty boxes and lumber scraps
-Clean manufacturer stamped labels from surfaces
-Disinfect all sinks and bathroom facilities
-Dusting all surfaces
-Mop with a solution appropriate for the new floor
-Place garbage bags in location for sanitation workers to pick-up
-Remove sticky residue left behind from new product labels
-Sweep all floors

Renters may leave dishes, clothing, garbage and etc… behind after a move. Apartment and homeowners need the space quickly prepared for the next tenants. Our maids at 1st Class Cleaning will:

Clean bathroom sinks and fixtures
-Deodorize the house or apartment
-Dust all surfaces with a product that repels dust
-Gather items and debris left by renters or after foreclosure into garbage bags
-Mop floors utilizing proper solutions for type of floor
-Place garbage bags in a proper location for pick-up by sanitation workers
-Spot clean carpets with color safe product
-Sweep floors
-Vacuum carpets
-Wipe down counter tops with disinfectant

Contact us:
Time is money for landlords, mortgage companies, banks, construction companies and homeowners. Contact 1st Class Cleaning today to schedule an appointment for a customized one time cleaning service!

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