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maid services coronaOur homes are a reflection of ourselves. No matter how large or small our living areas are, they are meant to provide sanctuary from the outside world. Living in a chaotic environment can cause additional stress. Most adults have numerous commitments that keep them busy throughout the week. When it is time to relax after work or on weekends, the house may be too dirty. A dirty house can make it challenging to simply unwind from the problems faced outside of the home. 1st Class Cleaning is available to help keep all areas of the home cleaner.

Many households have increased the number of hours they need to work outside of the home. Professional and personal commitments may make it impossible to maintain certain household chores. Laundry is one area that many people simply do not have time to do take care of consistently. Our laundry service can help provide peace of mind that there is always clothing available for work, school, or leisure events.

Spot cleaning and doing a few minutes of household work a day sometimes is not enough. Cleaning areas where guests might not always see is important. We can help keep refrigerators and stoves clean and ready for a planned or impromptu dinner party. Let our experienced window cleaners help to erase dirt and grime from hard to reach areas.

Everyone wants to come home to a clean and wonderful smelling home after a long day. Organic products help to provide the home with a scent that is not offensive to those who are sensitive to chemical based cleaning agents. We can help improve the look and feel of any home. We service homes throughout the NYC area.

Improving the environment of the home is essential for fully enjoying the time spent at home. Choose to relax or have friends over instead of cleaning. Family members that are recovering from an illness or that have small children may not have the energy to get all of the chores done. Our cleaning services are invaluable to those that are physically unable to keep their homes clean and inviting.

Not knowing where items are in household storage areas usually leads to buying duplicates of the missing item. Our closet organization service is available to help make it easy to find things when they are needed. We can help with organizing coat, linen, bedroom, and storage closets. Closets that are too full may pose a safety risk for small children or pets. It is easier to save time getting ready for the day when it only takes a moment to locate what is needed. Linens that are needed for parties, guest rooms, or holidays can be found at a moment’s notice. Closet organization helps keep stress levels down during holidays where multiple guests may need to access storage areas.

Let us help maintain and improve the living space in a home of any size in the New York City area. We have a number of different cleaning services to choose from. Take time to visit 1st Class Cleaning  to schedule a cleaning appointment today.


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