Maid Service Manhattan

When you’re trying to find some reliable, consistent maid service, Manhattan is just the place to look. Small, large, or anywhere in between, there is a service to fit your needs.

Are you looking for a true maid service that wears the uniform with the apron?  Or are they more of the corporate cleaning company maid services that you wish to find?

Either way, you will find both types of services in Manhattan—but 1st Class Cleaning NYC supplies maid services that do actual cleaning. What you choose to have done is up to you, but will determine how many people are needed to perform the services for your site.

Cleaning services can work with two different types of clients—business and residential. Business services can range in size from corporate all the way down to mom-and-pop businesses. Residential—or homes and apartment buildings can vary as well.

Business cleaning services have a variety of things that can be done to help the customer with whatever they need done. How large is the business that needs maid service to start with?  Determining the services that are being requested will help in deciding the size of crew.

Large business may hire a multitude of maids on their crew in order to cover many floors. This would be due to a variety of chores from sweeping with heavy duty vacuums, to heavy duty cleaning of bathrooms.

Other possible services that corporations and medium size business may require from maid services in Manhattan are: internal window cleaning, taking out as well as picking up the trash and dusting.

Based on the variety of tasks that the business chooses to have done, a contract can be negotiated. Mom and pop businesses may opt to only have one or two maids come in once or twice a month for a good thorough cleaning to limit their costs—but larger businesses can spend a bit more.

After the contract has been negotiated for services, the size of the crew is decided, and the maids start to follow the required schedule. At 1st Class Cleaning NYC, it’s truly that simple.

On the other hand, homeowners and apartment owners also need the occasional hand with cleaning, and 1st Class Cleaning NYC is quite happy to help with their needs as well. Maid crews needed for these jobs tend to be smaller, but they do their jobs just as well.

Services offered for residential jobs are quite similar, but offer some home-specific options as well. Options such as: oven cleaning, deep cleaning of kitchens, and bathroom cleanings that will sparkle in comparison to the everyday job that the resident may do.

Apartment building services will require several different sets of maids, usually on a rotating basis.  Used on a regular basis to alternately deep clean apartments that has just been emptied of tenants to providing other required needs.

Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial cleaning maid services, Manhattan has them—and 1st Class Cleaning NYC will be happy to help you!

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