Maid and Cleaning Service NYC

Maid and Cleaning Service NYC1st Class Cleaning offers cleaning services in New York City. Some common services offered by 1st Class Cleaning include residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, construction cleaning and other additional services. 1st Class Cleaning is environmentally friendly, offering special “green” packages that use natural products that are not harmful to the environment. Other packages include allergy cleaning to make your house clean enough even for the allergy sufferers in your family.

No matter whether you are a busy professional or a stay at home mom in New York City, 1st Class Cleaning can help keep your house in top shape. Taking off the added pressure of cleaning, you can come home to a clean house with a peace of mind. Choosing a reputable company takes all of the stress out of having strangers in your house and you can rest assured that your house will be spotless. If you have an office in New York City, 1st Class Cleaning can also help you keep your office building looking clean and not require you to put in extra hours to take out the trash and wash the windows.

Residential cleaning can be set up on a contract or as needed basis. Trained housekeepers will help keep your home and apartment looking beautiful. You can choose to have additional services, such as a deep cleaning or help with packing. 1st Class Cleaning allows you to customize your package according to your individual needs. For office buildings, commercial cleaning allows housekeepers to clean offices every night while the employees are not there. Housekeepers follow a routine each night so that your offices look crisp and new the next day. Like residential cleaning, you can customize the package to ensure that the cleaning service takes care of all the small details.

If your home, apartment or office building is undergoing renovations, the post-construction clean-up can be an added stress to your routine. 1st Class Cleaning in New York City can help you get your home or office back to normal following construction. By cleaning up all the leftover dust and debris, your life can return to normal following a major or minor renovation.

1st Class Cleaning is bonded and insured. This protects your possessions along with ensuring that 1st Class Cleaning is hiring top quality employees. Bonded and insured means that even if something accidental happens, like the house cleaning breaking a valuable possession, 1st Class Cleaning will cover the damage. Choose a cleaning service that will provide you with a free estimate so you know exactly how much you have to pay for the service.

If you are interested in a cleaning service in New York City, contact 1st Class Cleaning. Visit the website 1st Class Cleaning Services to schedule a cleaning appointment or inquire about your free estimate for your cleaning job today.


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