Late Spring Office Cleaning

Office settings in winter are subject to quite a lot of accumulated mess. Not only are projects nearing completion, but employees go into crunch time, and may be less careful about upkeep of the office. Winter weather brings snow and rain, which is tracked in on the boots and umbrellas of countless visitors to your office. Just as in a home, late spring office cleaning is a must!

Many regular maintenance tasks are put on hold due to weather. Air filters may not be changed, indoor and outdoor windows don’t get washed, and moisture may be left unattended because there is less risk of mold and mildew accumulation. During the warmth of spring, all these ignored tasks can explode into a big problem. It’s a good idea to do a thorough sweep of any office during late spring in order to tackle any potential trouble areas that may linger into summer.

Have your office cleaning staff start in employee break rooms and bathrooms. After late spring, these are prime places for mold to grow and develop. Make sure everything is washed down and scrubbed with disinfectants, and take the time to go through the employee fridge and remove all old, or expired food. This includes condiments as well. These do not expire quickly, which may encourage people to leave them for months, or even years. Always have old condiments thrown out. If necessary, instate a policy that asks employees to mark any food that goes into the fridge with a date. That way, cleaning staff can safely throw out old food, without any guesswork.

Bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned, and pipes should be free of clogs, or debris. Ensure that there is proper ventilation in bathrooms, and that airflow is appropriate. Have the janitorial staff clean  out air ducts and vents.

Late spring will mean window cleaning as well. With weather under control, find a cleaning staff capable of window cleaning, even on upper floors. Make sure that windows are clear inside and out. This will allow in plenty of natural light. Ensure that all office plants are positioned to take advantage of light, and clean any old leaves or needles that have fallen from plants dormant in winter.

Anti-allergy cleaning is very important for late spring. Have staff vacuum floors, and change air filters in the HVAC system. Have the entire office dusted from top to bottom. Office couches and office chairs can also trap allergens, so have those vacuumed with hand held cleaners as well. Also ensure that employees take home any heavy winter coats left in the coat closet, so that this area can be cleared of dust and debris.

It only takes one bad impression to ruin a client visit to your office, but with thorough office cleaning in late spring, business owners can ensure that the atmosphere is bright, free of dust and allergens, and welcoming.

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