How to Clean Grease Stains in Your Oven

Pesky grease stains in your oven getting you down? Is it time to get down to business and get that oven clean? It may seem tough, and you may not know where to begin, but you just need to follow a few easy steps. Here is a quick and easy way to clean grease stains in your oven. After completing these, you will be well on your way to a grease free, squeaky clean oven.

  1. Turn off the electricity and the gas since the stove will be turning around.
  2. Take off all the external pieces from your stove, racks, drip pans, burners and handles. Put all of these pieces in a large garbage bag and pour in one gallon of ammonia. Close the bag and let it sit for up to twenty four hours. While the pieces are soaking in the bag, the ammonia will act as a grease fighter.
  3. Cover the floor beneath the oven with newspapers, and pull on some rubber gloves. It’s time to tackle the grease! Apply an oven cleaning product. Make sure that the product you use is made for ovens, or is non-toxic. Apply the product liberally, especially to places in your oven with a high concentration of grease.
  4. Then, after allowing the product to soak into your oven to remove all of the grease stains, get a container of soapy water. Wearing your gloves again, make sure you use a rag, and clean the oven from back to front, without leaving residue. In between each cleaning, wash out the rag or sponge. In tougher cases, you can use a scrubbing brush to break up any caked on food or gunk in your oven. You can add a degreaser product to cut down any remaining grease in your oven that the soap and water did not remove. Simply spray, leave on for a while and then wipe away with a towel.
  5. Then, the next day, remove all of the smaller pieces from the bag. Using rubber gloves individually wash each piece in another bucket of soapy water. Use a tough sponge and watch as the oven grease easily falls off! Rinse again and leave the pieces out to dry.
  6. Make sure you dry off each of the smaller pieces very well, and reassemble the parts correctly.
  7. Turn your gas and electricity back on. Once all has been clean and assembled, your stove should be ready to use again!

You should now have grease free stove! Although cleaning the grease stains from your stove can be a daunting task, doing it on a regular basis can keep your appliances in good working order, will help them smell better, and look more attractive. You can also use things like drip pans in your oven to help catch the grease long before it stains your oven, and keep them cleaned out often. This will limit the amount of times you need to do a full deep clean of your oven itself. Follow this process every several months and grease stains can be a thing of the past.

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