Clean Your Pantry In 5 Simple Steps

pantry cleaning services nycA kitchen pantry can serve as the space you need for keeping plenty of cooking essentials on hand. You can stock up when flour, canned goods or other shelf stable items go on sale. Full pantries also make it easier to come up with meal ideas on short notice. If your pantry is cluttered and disorganized, you could end up purchasing extra staples that you already have but can’t locate. Save time and cut down on frustration by following these five simple steps to clean out your pantry.

1. Empty It Out
Start by removing everything in the pantry that isn’t attached to the walls. Stack boxes and cans of food in groupings based on the type of product or its use. This will make it easier to organize what you keep when you put it back in later. Check the expiration dates on everything as you remove it and toss it in a box for composting or delivery to the trashcan. If you have an overabundance of products that you don’t plan to use, fill up some grocery bags to take to the local food bank.

2. Wipe Everything Down
A soapy sponge and a bucket of water are all you will need to remove dust, spilled food and grime. Washing down the shelves and bins in your pantry keeps ants and other pests out.

3. Add Organization Cues
Placing all of your cereal boxes on one shelf works to organize the pantry at first, but things quickly get mixed up as family members move items around. Try adding some adhesive labels to shelves so everyone knows what should go in each area. You can also bring in plastic bins and boxes to hold small items like drink mix packets or individually packaged snacks. Pick up some airtight storage containers for goods that come in fragile packaging, such as flour, rice or dry beans. Label the containers with the purchase date and expiration date if the contents aren’t used on a regular basis.

4. Replace And Restock
Load any items you are keeping back into the pantry, then determine what you need to stock up on. Sorting everything into logical groups will help you quickly assess when flour supplies are low or when you need another bag of sugar. Try placing the items you use the most in the areas that are easiest to access. You can hang wire racks on the back of the pantry door to hold spice bottles and small containers of coffee or tea.

5. Repeat Regularly
The key to keeping your pantry clean and organized is scheduling. Going through your supplies and removing outdated items on a monthly or bimonthly basis will prevent impulse purchases and moldy food. You don’t have to clear out the shelves and wipe them down every month, but you should clean up spills as soon as you spot them. Leaving a pile of rice or sugar on the shelf will attract pests that can spread to the kitchen.

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