Janitorial Services in New York

An office, school, warehouse, or community center is frequented by a large number of people, all of whom contribute to the buildup of garbage. In addition, the indoor atmosphere becomes contaminated with allergens, germs, and a variety of airborne particulates. Maintaining a clean, healthy environment is essential wherever humans congregate.

Professional janitorial services in New York offer a cost-efficient program that consists of regularly scheduled cleaning and trash removal. These companies dispatch highly trained crews to perform the job in a timely manner, at any hour of the day or night.

Benefits Of Using A Janitorial Service

A commercial cleaning crew is experienced in performing janitorial duties in larger indoor environments. The work is broken into several categories, completed in a step-by-step manner that makes the most efficient use of the time available. Contracting for repeat service is a simple procedure that involves preset pricing, meaning that there are no surprising add-ons to the weekly or monthly bill.

The advantages of using a janitorial service based out of New York include:

•    Standard cleaning duties that are part of the contract
•    All tools and equipment are provided by the contractor
•    The assignment of a personal cleaning crew
•    The use of green cleaning products

Many of the janitorial services in New York have a base price for the standard duties performed. An upgraded service can be scheduled that includes more detailed cleaning in areas that do not have to be serviced each visit. The company provides all tools, vacuuming and steam cleaning equipment, brushes, towels, and cleaning agents.

Familiarity with the procedure is key to performing the job on time and on schedule. Clients appreciate having the same crew available for each visit because the work routine becomes quite efficient after the first appointment. Another advantage of using a professional janitorial service is the company’s use of non-toxic cleansers and surfactants. This means that the premises are left clean and sanitized without the introduction of harmful chemicals.

Price Quotes and Scheduling

Before deciding on a company to perform commercial janitorial work, find out if the company will send a representative to the workplace. An on-site inspection is often free and gives the contractor the opportunity to plan a cleaning schedule that minimizes the cost to the client.

Prices are often based on the square footage of the premises as well as the number of actual duties performed. The initial visit might be billed at a per-hour rate, but subsequent cleanings are usually a set price that is agreed upon beforehand.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Provided

The cleaning crew arrives at the workplace at a designated time, equipped with all the tools needed for the job. If the work is to be performed after-hours or at night, security information about building entry and access to certain areas will already have been given to the crew.

Standard services include:

•    Cleaning and dusting of all surfaces
•    Sanitizing of telephones, computer terminals, doorknobs, and bathrooms
•    Vacuuming of carpets and mopping of hard floor surfaces
•    Glass and window cleaning
•    Removal of trash and placement of trash can liners

The work is usually broken up between members of the crew, and the duties are scheduled in such a manner that keeps the crew members out of each other’s way. Trash removal includes taking refuse to dumpsters, separating garbage from recyclable material, and removing food waste from kitchenettes and lunchrooms.

The use of Green Seal cleaning products is becoming popular in the commercial janitorial business. Harmful residues left by toxic agents can have negative effects on humans, and many of the commercial cleansers available contain hard particulates that scratch surfaces. Environmentally safe, organically derived cleaners and disinfectants eliminate this problem entirely.

One of the finest, most reputable janitorial services in New York is 1st Class Cleaning, a company dedicated to its commercial customers’ satisfaction. Affordable rates and prompt service are two key elements of this contractor’s success. Visit them today at www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com for information about commercial services and price estimates, or to schedule an appointment with a company representative.

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