Janitorial Services in New York

Janitorial Service in New YorkIf you’re a small business owner that has recently decided to set up shop in a new office complex, you likely considered all of the major decisions: the number of employees, the available parking, transit concerns, office furniture, computers, and more. But what about keeping that brand new space clean and sanitary for the people you’ll working with each day?

This is a pretty big concern for most small business owners who are already working overtime hours and simply can’t dedicate the extra time to making sure that everything is cleaned, organized, and properly maintained. That is where a quality janitorial service in New York can play a key role: we’ll do the work, and small business owners will pay a small fee to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing their office’s cleaning needs.

Lower Costs

When faced with the need to keep an office clean and safe for a group of employees, business owners and office managers typically feel they have two choices: do it themselves, or add someone to the payroll who can oversee all of the cleaning needs of their office. They rarely consider a third option: outsource this cleaning a third group.

It makes sense, because adding someone to payroll is a significant investment for a business. Not only they have to budget for that person’s salary on a yearly basis, but they also have to provide things like health and dental benefits, a retirement plan, and the typical perks of full-time employment in a small or major business. On top of those costs, they’ll have to call their business insurance provider and inform them that a new employee has been added to the mix who will be overseeing the office’s sanitation.

That can add a large expense to liability coverage, as cleaning and maintaining an office comes with its own set of health and safety concerns that must be compensated for by higher insurance premiums and new employee liability and injury coverage.

When cleaning is outsourced, it simply saves on all of those costs: the janitorial service maintains the payroll, provides the benefits, and deals with any liability issues that may arise from cleaning and maintaining your office’s space.

Green Technology at Work

It’s important to expose your employees to the lowest amount of allergens and irritants possible. This is why choosing a green cleaning service is absolutely essential to your business.

If you were to hire a cleaning staff yourself, or even clean the office on your own, chances are that you would use the traditional cleaning agents found in most supermarkets today. Those cleaning agents contain abrasive and harsh chemicals that are certainly effective at cleaning, but may negatively impact the health of your employees.

1st Class Cleaning
uses all-natural cleaning products that are made from organic and renewable materials. The skin-irritating, eye-reddening cleaning agents of years past are eliminated from the equation and will likely result in healthier, happier employees who don’t have to worry about touching the desks and counters on the day after the office has been cleaned.


A cleaning service makes financial sense and should be a no-brainer for those who simply don’t have the time or resources to do the work in-house. And choosing a green service will result in an office that is healthier, cleaner, and more environmentally-sound. It truly is a winning situation for business owners and their employees. Contact www.1stclasscleaningnyc.com to start with our cleaning service today!

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