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Keeping your office or company building clean encourages productivity, while a neat and tidy home makes relaxing at the end of a day much easier. Busy schedules make it hard to fit in time for vacuuming the carpets or wiping down the counters. As each day passes, grime and dust accumulates and cleaning becomes a bigger chore. Cleaning a home that has gone weeks or months without scrubbing and dusting can seem like a momentous task. Deep cleaning to remove the dirt hidden in the cracks and crevices around the home or office can take hours.

A dirty indoor environment leads to health problems and damage to your furniture or equipment.
Cleaning doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming when you hire a professional janitorial service in New York. A team of expert janitors will clean every part of your home or office in record time. You won’t have to spend hours scrubbing the grout in your bathroom. The right company can handle both daily tasks and deep cleaning with ease. Hiring a team of cleaners will save you hours each week. Imagine having extra time to spend with your family or to work on your career instead of sweeping and washing dishes.

Benefits of Hiring a Janitorial Service in New York

Improved Health

A little dust or dirt isn’t harmful, but it builds up quickly inside a closed space like an office. Mold and mildew also grow when food and moisture accumulate in a dark spot like under your refrigerator. Dust and mold spores cause allergic reactions in many people exposed to them. Symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, skin irritation and general lethargy. Aging building materials also release particles that can be inhaled. Cleaning your working or living space regularly captures dust and eliminates the conditions needed for mold growth. A thorough cleaning from a janitorial service in New York could help you feel better than you have in years.

Expert Results

Anyone can learn to scrub a bathtub or wash linens, but many people were not taught the proper way to clean things as a child. Professional cleaners have studied the right and wrong ways to clean all types of materials. They also have the practice and experience that only comes with years of hard work. A janitorial service can clean your home very quickly because they have developed routines and tricks to make each step run smoothly. Your sinks will sparkle and you won’t have to worry about damaging delicate upholstery or hardwood flooring with the wrong cleaning products.

Increase Efficiency

Cleaning your own home may be an option, but cleaning your office or place of business is inefficient. You could be spending that time seeking out new customers, improving your knowledge or planning your next career move. Assigning one of your employees to the task of cleaning also limits the amount of work they can contribute to the rest of the business. Many companies chose to hire a full time employee to act as a janitor. This adds to your payroll and reduces your profits. Hiring a professional janitorial service saves you money on wages and frees up the rest of your employees for more important tasks.

House cleaning also improves your efficiency if you are a parent or work full-time. Career-minded homeowners can come home to a spotless sanctuary and spend their evenings relaxing instead of washing dishes or mopping the floors. Parents have more time to spend with their children when the basic cleaning chores are already in the capable hands of a professional cleaner. Cleaning services often include organization. This makes it easier to find the right piece of paperwork or a specific toy by preventing piles of unsorted stuff from building up around the home.

Make A Better Impression

If you have ever had unexpected guests show up when your home wasn’t at its cleanest, you understand how cleanliness makes a good impression. This is especially important when it comes to offices or places of business. Inviting a potential client into a meeting room with sticky tables and scuffed floors communicates that you don’t care enough to keep the place clean. A tidy office indicates that you have every part of your business under control. It also makes guests who visit your home feel comfortable and welcome.

Allergy Prevention

Many allergy symptoms disappear when old dust and mold spores are removed, but some very sensitive individuals may need more help. Many janitorial services offer special allergy cleaning packages for people with sensitivities to pollen, animal dander or pollution. Extra treatments like steaming bedding and mattresses can remove deeply ingrained irritants. The only alternative to a thorough professional cleaning is replacing any soft furnishings if allergy symptoms are severe.

Deep Cleaning

Even homemakers who spend every day cleaning up will need professional assistance for deep cleaning. Carpeting allows dirt to fall below the surface of the flooring and become trapped between the carpet backing and the foam below it. The strongest vacuums can’t get dust and grime trapped at that level. Deep cleaning services like carpet cleaning and upholstery washing will restore your floors and furniture. Fabric surfaces will look brighter and any lingering odors will disappear. Carpet cleaning is often the best solution for homes that don’t smell fresh and clean even after vacuuming. The best janitorial service in New York can also help with restoration and recovery in the wake of a minor disaster like a kitchen fire or burst water pipe.

Choosing The Right Janitorial Service in New York

Green Cleaning

When choosing a company to clean your office or home, look for one that offers green cleaning services. Green cleaning is designed to have a smaller impact on the environment around you. Many of the chemicals found in popular cleaning products are very destructive to natural waterways like lakes and rivers. The production methods required to create these chemicals also put out a lot of pollution. Hiring a team that uses green products and cleaning methods minimizes your impact while ensuring your space is still spotless after each visit.

Green cleaning also has a minimal impact on your health and the health of the cleaning team. The same chemicals that damage the ecosystem can cause severe skin, eye and lung irritation. Some products produce harsh fumes that require ventilation. Green cleaning products are gentle and non-irritating. These products are just as effective as conventional options when used with the right techniques. Green teams like 1st Class Cleaning have been using environmentally friendly products long enough to maximize their effectiveness on stains and grime.


The most skillful janitorial service in New York won’t help your business or home stay clean if the team isn’t reliable. Look for a cleaning team that arrives on time and ready to work. You also need to find a company with a good reputation. Check the Better Business Bureau for information on any cleaning company you are considering. The best teams have plenty of customer testimonials. Hiring a trustworthy company can make the cleaning process much easier because you will be able to leave the cleaners in your home or business as you handle other tasks. You can also have your office cleaned after you leave for the day without worrying about the safety of your information or equipment.


It is best to have a consultation with the cleaning company before signing a contract for weeks or months of service. A consultation gives you a chance to meet the cleaners and to receive an accurate estimate. You can discuss the cleaning services that you need and explain any special requirements or precautions necessary for the workers. 1st Class Cleaning provides a free consultation for all janitorial service in New York. They can tailor a custom cleaning schedule for any residential or commercial property in the area. Their team is equipped with Method cleaning products and the newest HEPA filtration vacuums.

If you need any help, contact us immediately.

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