Janitorial Office Cleaning

Most people think that being a janitor is not a big deal—pick up a broom, push it back and forth a bit, and that’s it. That’s not really the case—there is far more than that to janitorial office cleaning.

While it is true that having the floor swept is an important part of office cleaning, there is more to it than just picking up a broom. Knowledge of where to use a broom most efficiently to begin with is a good start.

For example, brooms don’t work well on shag carpets, but will work to pull up dust bunnies in corners. They also work perfectly on hardwood floors and tile floors as well.

Floor buffers are not an easy piece of equipment to operate, but are a necessary piece of equipment for the tile floors. With some practice, the buffers are easier to handle, and the floors become quite nice to look at—and are easy to maintain.

Bathroom maintenance is another important part of the janitorial office cleaning duties, although again not a favorite of some. Thorough sanitation is an absolute must in here, and all parts of the bathroom must be done on a regular basis.

Setting up a schedule for the bathrooms based on an hourly and daily basis is a start—toilets and urinals, sinks and trash cans as well as paper products to start with need regular changing. The walls should be checked and the lights as well—then cleaned and changed on a weekly, as well as a monthly basis.

Dusting is also an important job, especially in regards to the janitorial office cleaning—who wants to walk into a dusty office? Ensuring that the dusting is done—everywhere—on a daily basis, is also a must.

By using a rotating plan to plan out the dusting, and doing it while walking through each office, it can be done in an efficient manner. Additionally, using long-handled dusters to reach up for cobwebs will help immensely.

Trash is another big deal—but that doesn’t just mean simply changing the trash cans from each room. Dumping out the shredders if there are any and emptying out recycling bins are also an important part of the routine as well.

Scrubbing out the trash cans on a routine basis is necessary, and taking all trash out to a larger trash dumpster. Ensuring that any little ant traps or similar items are placed where necessary when the trash area has become untidy—but scrubbing the trash area on a regular basis will help limit that.

Window cleaning should also be done—although quite often a janitorial cleaning crew will only do the inside windows, and mirrors in the bathroom. Ensuring that the proper chemicals are used to clean the windows so that they do not streak will help impress the client that is paying for the job.

Attention to detail is what gives the janitorial office cleaning clean crew the job over and over again. Understanding that it really is not an easy job is something that everyone needs to learn.

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