Janitor Cleaning Service

Looking for a way to cut costs is difficult now, and labor is one of the most expensive. That’s why hiring a janitor cleaning service is a smart move. You pay for the service, but don’t have the liabilities.

Think about the costs that you will save in not having to pay out wages. Those benefits that your company will not have to pay such as insurance and pensions will save the business a lot of money. Dealing with unions is something that you won’t have to do, either.

Ensuring that your business is cleaned properly is what the janitor service that you hire will do—that’s why you pay them. However, you must sit down beforehand and lay out some type of contract.

Whether that contract is only for a one-time service or a long-term contract, spell out specifically everything that you expect done. Give the cleaning service a detailed list of what specific jobs you would like done for the money that you are spending on the contract.

Should you want the whole building to be dusted, or sweeped with a vacuum, be specific. How often do you want it to be done—daily, weekly, or some other basis? How do you want the dusting to be done—using rags with spray on them, or using a long-handled duster?

It is a smart thing to hire a janitor cleaning service because you let the other company deal with the labor issues that are involved. Unions are not yours to deal with, so that is one major headache saved.

Buffing the floors is not something that you will always find a typical janitor service doing. So, if you need specific things done to your floors, you may have to hire this job out. Whether you will need a carpet cleaning company, or someone to deal with the hardwood or tile floors, this cost is worth it.

Windows are another issue that you may not find janitor services willing to do. This would be particularly true if outdoor windows are involved. Due to the fact that outdoor windows typically are quite large, and need scaffolding in order to reach the very top of them, quite often specialty companies are hired to deal with the windows.

Plumbing is another problem that cleaning services do not deal with—although they may occasionally unstop a toilet. Be prepared to shell out money if sink pipes break, or something else major happens.

Trash and recycling are typically dealt with by cleaning services, but you will have to determine just how often the recycling is dealt with. How often will trash be changed—and the dumpster emptied, if the cleaning service will do that for you.

Think carefully about everything that you will need when you are looking around to hire a janitor service. Then start to look at the various services that each janitor cleaning service offers. Weigh out your decisions, knowing that your business will be better off for your attention to detail.

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