Industrial Cleaners that are Safe for the Environment

Industrial Cleaners that are Safe for the EnvironmentGreen cleaning isn’t just good for the environment; it’s also great for your family and general health. Toxic chemicals that come with warnings about inhaling the product often have fumes that can damage your air passageways and give you a headache. Some are caustic to your skin, and they can also damage your eyes if you should accidentally splash some onto your face. There was a time when people scoffed at green cleaners and said they wouldn’t work, but the truth is that people have been using various green cleaners for generations. The companies that offer industrialized cleaners have been a little slow to embrace the change, but they’re now responding to public demand and offering cleaners that are safe and effective.

MEC Brand

This company embraced the green movement 20 years ago by offering products that won’t burn your skin or make your eyes water. They’ve been tested extensively to ensure that they work effectively, and they’re available in bulk for janitorial services. In addition to general cleaning services, they also have products for rust removal and inhibition, sewage treatment, degreasing, tank or machine cleaning, and oil separation. They supply cleaning products for commercial venues including kitchens and public restrooms.

Green Works

You may recognize this brand from your local grocery store shelves. If you’re yearning to ditch the toxins and start using safer products, these are a top choice. Available from the Clorox company, they don’t contain the bleach that you’re trying to avoid. However, they do have cleaning products for cleaning the counters, washing the dishes and handling little messes throughout the day. If you want to spread the green joy throughout the home, then look for their laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner and glass cleaner.

Method Products

These commercial cleaners are available to commercial businesses and private homeowners alike. It’s the cleaning product of choice for 1st Class Cleaning because they clean effectively, are safe for our customers and leave a great smell behind. Why clean a counter with something that smells of chemicals when you can leave the fresh scent of cucumbers behind? Other glass cleaners leave you choking from the fumes, but the cleaner from Method leaves a fresh, mint odor in its wake. Even the wood polishing has a pleasing aroma due to the almond oils used in the product. If you’re tired of bathroom cleaners that have to be used with the fan on, then Method has the right product for you. They’re Tub and Tile Spray removes hard water stains and soap scum without leaving behind a residue or bleach or ammonia.

You deserve to have a clean home, but you also want it to be healthy. If you’re tired of your home smelling like a hospital after it’s been cleaned, then make the switch to eco-friendly cleaners. Contact 1st Class Cleaning online or by calling (800) 309-7881 if you’re ready to reclaim your free time and let the professionals clean your house for you. Green cleaners are available on both the commercial and industrial level, so there’s no reason not to start using green products in your home or business.

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