Impress Your Guests With a Clean Home

You don’t have to redecorate your home to impress your guests when they come to visit. A little bit of tender loving care when it comes to cleaning goes a long way, as spotlessness and organization means a lot when it comes to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The Entryway

The entryway to your home is the first place your guests will recognize how tidy and clean you are. Whether you live in an apartment or in a home in the suburbs, your threshold speaks volumes. Make sure your doormat is fresh, and if the weather is bad, that there is a place for your guests to leave their muddy or wet shoes. Vacuum and clean your hallway, and if you have a place for them, put fresh flowers in a vase as a way to say “you are welcome.”

The Hall Closet

If you have a hall or nearby closet in which to put their coats, make sure it is well organized and that there is room inside with extra hangers. If your guests are staying for only a few hours and you plan on taking their coats into a bedroom, make sure that room is pristine, as surely people will enter to find their belongings at the end of the night.

The Living Room

Chances are the first place your guests will go is the living room. Is it too much to ask that this room is as organized as can be? This means your bookshelves too, which should be thoroughly cleaned and organized. Overhead fans should be completely free of dust, which means you will have placed an old sheet on the floor and over nearby furniture for the dusting. If your television is around, make sure it is sparkling. All glass surfaces should gleam from your attention to them with either a natural window cleaner or vinegar and baking soda, mopped off with biodegradable paper towels. Gently scrub your walls with this formula or with plain dish soap to take off any smudges, but go lightly so you don’t take off any paint!  Polish all wood surfaces so that they gleam. Water all of your plants and tend to those that look scraggly or unhappy. If you have any stains on your couch, cover them with a beautiful throw. Open all your windows to freshen the air inside, and then light scented candles to give your home a subtle fragrance.


Your bathrooms are crucial. Make sure you’ve cleaned them from top to bottom, bleaching the sink and tub, making sure all your chrome gleams, and replacing your shower curtain if it is torn or stained. If you have a cotton curtain, put it in the wash to give it new life. Replace any items that look old or that are broken, such as your toilet brush, and make sure the plunger is tucked away out of sight! Put fresh towels out, with a special one for drying hands. Liquid soap in a pump should replace that sloppy soap bar, and don’t forget to clean the mirror!  Add any accents you can to create atmosphere, such as a plant or a shallow bowl of potpourri. Make sure your trash can has a lid on it to give the illusion of a cleaner bathroom.

The Guest Bedroom

If your guests are staying over, then the guest bedroom, if you have one, needs special attention. Here you want to offer a peaceful sanctuary, with fresh flowers, beautiful bedding, and other amenities, such as an alarm clock and water glasses and a pitcher. Create space in the closet for clothing, and empty a dresser drawer to give them extra space, especially if they are staying for more than a few days. Anticipating the needs of your guests is the key to great hosting, which means a box of tissues, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, and even a map of the area if they aren’t familiar with where you live.

The Kitchen

And now to the kitchen. Make sure your floor is swept and mopped to a dizzying shine. Take off all smudge marks from walls, surfaces, and appliances. Clean and put away dishes, including those in the dishwasher. Clean out the fridge, throwing away old food and wiping down shelves and bins. If you have a kitchen table, put a fresh tablecloth over it with a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase with fresh flowers. Polish your silver, clean your crystal, and you’ll feel like its party time, even if it isn’t.

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Be sure to empty all of your garbage bins, vacuum your carpeted floors, and dust in and around corners and nooks to eliminate allergens, including those ubiquitous pet hairs if you have a cat or a dog. All of your laundry should be done and folded away, if for no other reason than the psychological one that reminds you that you’ve left no stone unturned.

Its All in the Details

Remember that the best way to impress is in the details. When you tend to every nuance, even if no one says a thing, it registers. The fact that you’ve made sure your home is as aesthetically pleasing as it can be is a sign of respect, both for your guests and for yourself. So, if we follow this train of thinking, why not treat yourself like a guest every day of the week and keep your home in tip top shape? A little bit of effort every day will keep the cleaning manageable and take the stress out of a massive one time effort.

Impressing Yourself

You don’t need to tell your guests that you made a special effort for them. Let them think that you always keep your home neat and clean, and if no one comments on your brilliant sense of domestic perfection, you will have at least impressed yourself.

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