How to Whiten Your Bathtub

How to Whiten Your BathtubThe bathroom is among the areas of any home that needs regular cleaning. Over time, sections like the shower and bathtub can acquire grime and colored stains that might be too stubborn to remove with an all-purpose cleaner or bleach. If your bathtub has lost its sparkle due to such stains, not to worry! The following are a few helpful ways to get it back to its extra shiny white state.

Spa Status Bathtub 

You can try scrubbing your tub for days on end and still spot discolored areas that seem impossible to remove. However, these natural remedies that can be found in your kitchen work wonders for removing all the dirt and restoring your tub’s white color.

  • Yellow Spots, Be Gone! 

Bid those yellow spots farewell once and for all with an effective paste. 

  • Just pour about 1/3 a cup of household detergent into a gallon of water.
  • Then, just use a soft microfiber cloth to rub the stain with the solution.
  • Keep rubbing to remove as much as possible.
  • Add some water to a tablespoon of baking soda (or more depending on size of area to be cleaned).
  • Spread the baking soda paste over the stain and scrub the area, using a small toothbrush to get to hard-to-reach cracks and corners.
  • Let the paste sit for a few minutes and then, gently rub the paste off with lukewarm water for best results.
  • Off with the Gunk!

Similar to removing yellow stains, when you want to eliminate grime, baking soda is a great remedy.

  • Create a 2:1 baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • After the paste is set for about 20-30 minutes, scrub it off well.
  • To rinse it off, use lukewarm water, which will also help rinse your drain for an overall cleaner tub.
  • Goodbye Dullness, Hello Shine!

Another household essential, vinegar, will do the trick for bringing the shimmer back to your white tub. Hardwater stains can be too persistent to remove with a regular household cleaner.

  • Let hot water run through the tub and pour about 2-3 cups of white distilled vinegar.
  • Once the tub is filled with water (mixed with vinegar), let the water soak the spots for 3-5 hours.
  • Drain the water and the stains should be gone.

If you’re having houseguests over and don’t have enough time to thoroughly clean your tub, use shampoo or body wash soap to rinse the tub. You can even use this solution for your bathroom faucets.

Keep Your Bathtub White All the Time!

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