How To Turn Your Cleaning Day Into a Full Work Out Routine

How To Turn Your Cleaning Day Into a Full Work Out RoutineTaking a day to clean doesn’t have to mean giving up on the gym. With the right planning, you can get a great workout while you polish the windows and scrub the floors. Here are some tips to help you lose weight and slim down while also creating the clean and welcoming home of your dreams.

Lunge Your Way to Clean Floors

Your floors need mopping and your butt could use some toning. Rather than taking casual steps with a mop, use two damp rags and work out the legs. Keeping your toes pointed forward with a rag under each foot, take a staggered stance in preparation of the first lunge. Lower yourself by bending your knees and lunging. Your feet will move and clean the floor in the process. Work your way around the room until the floor is clean and your thighs have received a solid workout.

Buff the Furniture and Your Arms

Clean the furniture and tone your arms with the right motions. Rather than casually going over the surface with cleaner, think about your body position. Facing the furniture to be polished, stand with your knees bent, back straight and stomach pulled in tight. Keeping your stomach tightly engaged, use circular motions to wipe the polish on the table and then wipe it off. Do ten in a clockwise direction and ten more in a counter-clockwise direction. Keep your hips square with the furniture, and don’t let your core move around.

Fold Laundry and Tone the Thighs

You’re standing at the table folding laundry. This is a perfect time to workout the legs. Keeping your back straight and core engaged, alternate lifting your legs to the side while you’re folding laundry or washing dishes. It’s a good way to squeeze in a workout while you’re doing something else.

Stretching and Cleaning

When cleaning, you normally grab a stepladder to reach the tops of mirrors and other high places. Try doing some cleaning by getting a good stretch in. If you can safely reach the top of a door by reaching up on your tip toes, then skip the ladder and go for the stretch. Stand with your back straight and core engaged again. Stretching up onto your toes and reaching high with your arms, wipe off the top of the door or the mirror. Repeat the process as you work your way across the surface and around the home.

Dance While you Work

Dancing is a great workout, and you can dance while you clean. Turn on some upbeat music and start moving around the home with your cleaning gear. Keep your feet moving to burn calories, and throw in a few smart dance moves when you move between areas. You’ll be more entertained, and you’ll get a good workout.

If you still don’t have time to clean and get your workout in, then you may think you have to choose between a clean house and a trim physique. However, this isn’t the case.

With the reasonable prices offered by 1st Class Cleaning, you can afford to have someone else clean the house while you go to the gym. Weight resistance is important for women to maintain healthy bone density, so it’s smart to visit the gym a few times a week to lift some weights and improve bone health. With professional cleaners and recurring services, you can enjoy a good workout and then come home to a spotless house.

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