How to Speed Clean All Your Bathrooms Before Guests Arrive

How to Speed Clean All Your Bathrooms Before Guests ArriveIf there’s one place in your home at least one of your guests is guaranteed to go, it’s your bathroom. And while most of us were taught not to snoop, it’s hard not to notice when a bathroom’s a little on the dingy side.

So if you just got the call that company’s on their way, you’ve only got a limited amount of time to get your bathrooms in shape.

This routine should take around 15 minutes — maybe less if you only have a single bathroom.

And don’t worry! It’s not fake cleaning routine. It’s not making your bathroom look clean when it isn’t. It’s a thorough way to clean your bathroom fast.

The key to our timesaving approach? We’re not sweeping, vacuuming or washing the floors. Now you can certainly add this to your list if they’re looking like they could use a little TLC, but just be aware that it may take over 15 minutes!

Alright! With that said, let’s get started.

Gather Your Supplies

  • Microfiber cloths (paper towels or cleaning wipes will do in a pinch)
    • 1 for each toilet
    • 1 for each sink
    • Extras for tubs and showers
    • Glass & mirror cleaner
    • Disinfecting / bathroom cleaner
    • Scrubbing powder
    • Toilet cleaner and brush (if you don’t have an automatic cleaning system)
    • Empty bin for dirty rags or used paper towels
    • A caddy or bin to carry your supplies from room to room
    • Laundry basket

Go to the First (Or Only) Bathroom

Take everything off the counters and sinks. If you have laundry or dirty towels hanging around, toss them in the hallway. You’ll deal with them later.

Spray glass cleaner on mirrors and wipe clean. Microfiber cloths are especially handy here since they don’t leave behind lint and give you a really streak-free shine. Keep this cloth handy and reuse it on every mirror in each bathroom.

Spray disinfecting cleaner on your sink, toilet and bathtub / shower surfaces. Be generous! Don’t forget the often-overlooked back/bottom area of the toilet. Let that sit.

While your cleaning spray is doing the hard work, you can grab your toilet bowl cleaner and brush and get to work scrubbing the inside. The only ring you want today is from the doorbell!

Go to Each Bathroom and Repeat

If you’re really strapped for time, focus on the primary bathroom(s) people will be using.

  • Clear counters
  • Clean mirrors
  • Spray down sink, toilet and tub/shower
  • Clean inside of toilet

Go Back to the First Bathroom

Now that your cleaner has loosened all the gunk, wipe down your sink, toilet and the tub/shower. Use a new cloth for each toilet, sink and tub so you don’t cross contaminate. When wiping the toilet, do the bottom/back area last, since that’s usually the most dirty.

When you’ve dirtied a cloth, toss it in your empty bin for easy cleanup. After you’ve wiped everything down, you can put your hand towels, soap and any decorations back on the counter. If you have a spare second, take the time to light a candle.

Repeat in All Other Bathrooms

  • Wipe down sink, toilet and tub with separate cloths
  • Toss dirty cloths in your empty container
  • Put hand soap, hand towels and decorations back in place
  • Light a candle (optional)

Once all your bathrooms are clean, grab your laundry basket and take a moment to pick up all the laundry / dirty towels you tossed into the hallway earlier. Place the basket in your laundry room, bedroom closet or another discreet location.

If You Still Have a Little Time

If guests are still a ways away, you can now take a look at your floors and decide whether or not you want to vacuum them.

And that’s it! You’re bathrooms are clean and ready for guests.

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