How to Remove Stale Cigarette Odor

Has cigarette odor invaded your home, and you are not sure what to do about it? Some may worry that once the odor is there it may take months for it to fully wear away. Well, there are many all-natural approaches you can take to removing stale cigarette odor from your life once and for all! Are you fed up with chemicals that claim to do the trick, but never fully do? Then this list should put you on the road to owning a great smelling home.

  1. Wash Everything- Did a smoker just sit on your bed? Have your friends been hanging out in the living room smoking? If you can launder sheets, pillow cases or slip covers, this would be the first step to removing the odor from your house.
  2. Use a vacuum- Scents will stick to fabrics and carpet flooring. Make sure you vacuum as much of the odor out of the carpet before you turn to cleaning products or alternative measures. If the smell is in your car, you can go ahead and vacuum the seat cushions and the foot mats as well.
  3. Vinegar- If you have a stale cigarette odor in your home put a bowl of white vinegar out all night. You might be surprised at how well it eats up the odor.
  4. Baking soda- You should sprinkle baking soda liberally over any cloth covered carpet, piece of furniture, or car seat. Baking soda has long been known to eat up odors, and cigarette smoke is no exception! You should always test the baking soda on a small corner of the furniture first to make sure there are no adverse reactions to it.
  5. Coffee- You can put bags of coffee grounds in various places where the stench of stale smoke is the most severe. It will help eat up part of the odor.
  6. Air it all out- Immediately after a smoker has been in your home, it helps to air out the room or the vehicle by opening all doors and windows for a few hours to let the scents slowly disperse. Leaving things closed, instead, will allow the smells to sink into the fabrics very quickly.
  7. Charcoal- Leaving charcoal in a container around your house is also another idea. In about a week you will notice a dramatic decrease in the cigarette odor in your home.
  8. Clean Surfaces of Furniture- Smoke residue can land on tables or chairs or floors. Try to do a good deep cleaning of your furniture and floors to remove all traces of stale smoke from your home.
  9. Clean Your Light Bulbs- Light bulbs, whether you know it or not, attract smoke. When you turn a light bulb on, the smoke on the outside will heat up and release odor. Wipe your light bulbs down to stop this from happening.

There are many all natural ways to combat stale cigarette odor, and get it out of your home once and for all.

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