How to Prepare for a Garage Sale

How to Prepare for a Garage SaleHave you made the decision to have a garage sale? This is your chance to clean out the house while putting a little extra cash in your pockets. However, you want your sale to be a great success. You know to put out signs, put an ad in the local paper and label everything you’re selling. You may have even coordinated with friends to turn it into a multi-family sale that will draw more customers. What you still need to do is make sure that your home is truly prepared for the pending sale.

Check the Closets

As you look through your home, remember to check the closets. You’re trying to make money, clear out the clutter and open up more storage space at the same time. You’ll be more successful if you remember to clean off those top shelves and look in the bottom drawers. More merchandise out in the sale will help attract buyers who are just driving by to see if you have anything interesting.

Clean the Landscaping

People are going to drive by and look at more than just the goods you have for sale. You want your home to look great because so many people will be walking into your driveway and around the front yard. Tidy up the yard by trimming bushes and cutting the grass. Get any debris out of the bushes to keep your yard looking great and ensure that you’re ready for the sale.

Be Clear About Why You’re Selling

People have garage sales for a few reasons. They may be trying to clean out the house and get rid of stuff. If this is the case, then plan on donating your leftover items afterwards to get them out of the house for good. You’ll also want to price your items to move so that you won’t have to dispose of things later. You’ll have a different approach for your sale if you’re trying to make some extra money. Price items at a reasonable level to help them sell, but allow yourself a little space for being talked down. Before the sale starts, decide what your minimum amount will be for different items.

Move the Big Ticket Items

Get the extension cords and make sure that they’re easily accessible. This allows your customers to easily test electronics that you’re selling. If you have large-ticket items, put extra effort into moving them. List those items separately in the ads. You might also print out information about the item and leave it with the merchandise to help make it more appealing to buyers.

Getting organized for a garage sale can be tedious, but it’s a great way to dispose of the unwanted items around your home. If you’re considering having a sale in or around the Manhattan area, 1st Class Cleaning can help you get ready. We offer customized cleaning services including helping you sort through the closets and purge unwanted items. We can also help you clean the garage so that you’ll have plenty of space to keep the sale going even if it rains. Contact us today to learn about these and other before and after services!

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