How to Make Your Pans Go from Funky to Fresh

How to make pans go from funky to freshSo you’ve outdone your top chef skills with an amazing meal, only to find that the assistant that helped you create the delectable dish is exuding a not-so appetizing smell. Whether or not you keep your cooking station clean, there will always be some ingredients that leave us with no choice but to have to remove odor from the cooking utensils used.

Natural Solutions

Generally, non-stick coated pans can retain odors more than other types of cans do. If you’re having issues with getting rid of a fishy smell from your pans, there are some easy remedies that will have them smelling crisp in no time. Try the following:

  • Baking soda– Pour in about a teaspoon of baking soda into the pan, followed by water. Over medium heat, bring them to a boil. If you prefer not to boil water with the baking soda, just make a paste by adding some water to the baking soda, and cover the pan as it sits for a few minutes. You might have to do more than one batch, depending on how strong the smell is.
  • Vinegar– Using vinegar is especially great for removing fishy smells. You can take preventive measures while frying fish or any other food by setting a cup of vinegar close to the frying area so as to bring down the strong odor. Or boil water with vinegar in the pan for a few minutes.
  • Coffee- Who said that the delicious energy booster is only meant for helping us turn off the snooze? For best results, pour some ground coffee into the pan and add water to let it boil for several minutes. You can even enhance results by adding spices like cinnamon.
  • Lemon- For stainless steel and aluminum pans, lemon juice works like a charm. Just mix about 1-¾ tablespoons of the juice and pour in water to boil for 7-10 minutes. You can use a lemon peel to scrub the inside of the pan with before bringing the lemon juice-water blend to a simmer.

Additional Rinsing Methods

Sometimes, it’s helpful to boil some herbs to eliminate stinky smells. In extreme cases, you can use bleach to soak certain pans, but make sure to read the care instructions of the pan before you do so, as bleach can be harmful to use on certain types of pans.

When your pan is stained with stubborn food particles that may be the culprits of stench, fill up the pan with soap and hot water until the layers of food fragments begin to come off. Then, you can proceed with washing the pan with detergent or with any of the methods mentioned above.

Keep Your Pans and Kitchen Clean

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