How to Make Stainless Steel Sparkle

How to Make Stainless Steel SparkleStainless steel looks great in an assortment of areas around your home or office. But even though the glossy metal adds a classy character to several rooms, it can still show a fair share of watermarks or any other binding residue. The following are a few simple steps that’ll help you keep your stainless steel hardware shining all the time.

  • A Simple Cleanse

If you prefer to use a polish, you should clean your steel appliances before using the polish. You can either place your stainless steel item in the dishwasher or wash by hand if it is not designated as cookware. If you are hand washing your dish, just use detergent with warm water.

After washing the soapy mix with clean water, use a dry cloth or towel to thoroughly dry the piece. If you see any spots or streaks, don’t fret it since it will go away when you polish the steel. When buffering with your professional polish, it’s recommended to do so in a circular motion.

  • Oil and Vinegar Solution

Using a blend of oil and vinegar can also get your stainless steel to shimmer. Start by spraying the steel surface with some vinegar and then wipe the vinegar off using a dry paper towel.

Next, just pour on a few drops of oil or dip a cloth in some oil and rub it on the steel surface. This will instantly polish your stainless steel hardware. If you prefer, you can even use the oil without the vinegar.

All you have to do is apply the oil from a cloth and rub it around in a circular motion, making sure not to leave in excess oil. If you do have more oil than necessary, be sure to remove it with a dry cloth, since it will actually create the opposite effect. Just keep buffing the steel until you remove all of the oil.

  • Flour Application

Who said flour is mainly used for baking and cooking? If you’re cleaning your kitchen sink, flour is a great and easy way to make it extra lustrous. Just rinse your sink with a water-baking soda solution and dry it thoroughly before placing about 1/3 of a cup, or less, depending on your sink size.

Next, just use a cloth to spread the flour out and remove any additional flour with another cloth. You can use a brush to spread the flour into the corners of the sink. Once you’re done, you can just pour the extra flour into your trashcan and watch your sink sparkle!

Extra Glimmer Is a Call Away

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