How To Maintain Your Floor Clean This Winter Season

Maintaining a clean floor throughout the winter months requires some effort on the part of the homeowner. However, we at 1st Class Cleaning provide customers with all the tools necessary at an affordable cost. Our team of maids and janitorial service workers are ready to go to work on that stained carpet, discolored hardwood, or worn linoleum.

During the winter season, home flooring suffers because of the increased foot traffic. It is understandable that homeowners put off major cleaning until spring. While the windows are shut during the cold winter months, dust and grime tends to build up more rapidly and can have quite an effect on any type of floor surface. Allowing our company to perform regular floor maintenance brings peace of mind to homeowners and apartment dwellers, and the cost of this service is surprisingly low.

Floor Maintenance Tips

We recommend periodic maintenance on floors to ensure lasting quality of the carpet, hardwood, or other material. Repair of damaged hardwood is very expensive, and the usable life of carpets depends on how often they are given a deep cleaning.

Here are a few things to remember when trying to maintain the beauty and condition of a residential floor:

•    Always clean up water spills immediately
•    Never use cleaning products that leave a residue
•    Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners or oil soaps on hardwood
•    Use spot cleaning products on hardwood instead of a wet mop
•    Do not wax a hardwood floor with a urethane finish
•    Use only organically derived cleaning products on carpeted floors

Even if hardwood has been treated with a sealant, water may still percolate through and cause the wood to expand. This can lead to cracking, peeling, and eventual degradation of the wood. Ammonia reacts negatively with wood and can cause discoloration as well as a softening of the floor.

A wet mop is fine for linoleum floors but can cause much damage when used on hardwood. Environmentally friendly cleaning products should be used as a spot remover for scuffmarks on hardwood floors. Some wood floors are pre-finished and will stand up well to heavy foot traffic, but discoloration still occurs over time and may require a complete resealing every two to three years.

Many of the carpet cleaning products on the market contain toxic agents that can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems. Consider using organically derived dry chemical cleaners instead. Vacuums that are HEPA labeled will pick up dust without scattering particles throughout the indoor environment.

Professional Care Of Carpeted Floors

At 1st Class Cleaning we use the very latest vacuum cleaning technology and supply our field operators with HEPA vacuums. Our company is dedicated to keeping the indoor environment free of allergens, mold, and bacteria. Our superior carpet cleaning service results in fresh indoor air as well as a beautiful, clean carpet.

Many of our customers ask us to perform a complete steam cleaning or dry chemical cleaning service. We use all-natural cleaning agents that leave no harmful residues in the carpet fibers. Our maids and janitors also use a special spot remover for use on carpeted floor surfaces. This product efficiently removes dirt, scuffmarks, and stains from carpets without the use of artificial chemicals. The result is a wonderfully clean floor surface and a healthy indoor environment.

Special Care For Wood Floors

Wood is a natural product and will inevitably fade in color over a long period of time. We recommend keeping exposure to strong sunlight to a minimum by using window treatments. It is also a good idea to clean a hardwood floor regularly using a minimal amount of water.

Keep dirt off the floor by:

•    Using ventilated floor mats at each home entry point
•    Avoiding the use of rubber-backed floor mats
•    Spot cleaning the wood on a regular basis
•    Using terry cloth on a rotating head cleaning machine
•    Cleaning the floor with organically derived soaps

Ventilated floor mats are safe because they will slide over the floor easily without scratching the surface. Rubber-backed mats cause much friction and can damage the hardwood if the mat is scraped across the floor. Spot cleaning is the best way to maintain a hardwood floor during the winter months because it does not require the entire surface to be wetted.

Terry cloth is very gentle on wood floor surfaces and is also a good wipe material for cabinetry. Organically derived cleaning products require no rinsing because the cleaning agent can be wiped up immediately. This means no lingering odors and no harmful particulates on the floor or in the air.

Our company supplies contracted maids and janitors with the very latest in eco-friendly cleaning products for all floor types. Whether it is stain removers for carpets or dirt removers for hardwood surfaces, we guarantee fantastic results without the dangers of using toxic chemicals.

Presenting The Method Product Line

Our customers love us because we take their health very seriously. More and more individuals are becoming concerned about the use of toxic cleaning products in the home. Medical reports and scientific analyses clearly show a link between chemical-based cleaners and health problems.

We use Method® products for all floor surfaces. These eco-friendly cleaning agents are completely natural and contain no engineered chemicals. The home environment is truly left in a fresher, cleaner state than before, and our cleaning products will never harm any type of floor surface.

Eco-friendly cleaners are also better for the environment. Flushing chemicals into the sewer puts a heavy strain on the wastewater treatment centers and allows much of these chemicals to find their way into lakes, rivers, and the ocean. We do our part in keeping the world green and clean.

Professional Cleaning Services For Your Home

1st Class Cleaning provides complete maid service for New York City residents. Our team of maids and janitors will maintain the beauty and quality of all types of floor surfaces as part of their regular cleaning duties. We supply our maids with all the tools and equipment needed, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our superior service includes:

•    Deep cleaning of carpets as needed
•    Steam cleaning or dry chemical treatments
•    Spot and stain removal using environmentally friendly, organically derived cleansers
•    Dust-free vacuuming
•    Repeat service as part of the contract

We understand that a complete carpet or hardwood floor cleaning is not necessary each and every time one of our field operators is contracted to work in the home. That’s why we will tailor a customized schedule that includes routine housework on each visit, carpet cleaning or hardwood floor maintenance less often, and deep cleaning of the carpet on a one-time basis. Whatever the needs of the customer, our company can be counted on to schedule the perfect cleaning routine at an affordable cost.

When new customers contact us to ask about winter cleaning of their home, our company representatives take the time to listen to their needs. We have several different cleaning service packages available for both homeowners and apartment dwellers, and we spell out the exact services that will be performed. We can also appoint a personal maid for repeat visits when normal cleaning duties are required. This gives customers peace of mind because the routine becomes so familiar there is no question about what needs to be done.

Our team of maids and home janitorial professionals are bonded, meaning customers need not worry about safety and security. We understand the concerns of those with valuables in their home, those who have sensitive equipment on the premises, and those who worry about having a cleaning crew operate when no one else is on the property. All of our cleaning crews have had a background check completed prior to being hired, and we are proud members of the local Better Business Bureau.

Our maids and janitors have been specially trained in the areas of floor maintenance. Their job is to perform all necessary cleaning duties in the time allotted, with the customer’s busy schedule foremost in their minds. Our service is not only dependable – it is also quite affordable. Repeat customers enjoy a flat-rate price for complete maintenance of their carpet, hardwood, or linoleum floors.

Contact Us For Complete Details

At 1st Class Cleaning, prompt service and dependability are the keys to our success. No job is too big or too small, and our customers will be delighted with the professional attitude of our field agents. The security of knowing that the cleanliness of the carpet, hardwood or other floor surface is being maintained without the use of harmful chemicals is why customers favor our expert home cleaning service.

The ability to draw up a customized cleaning schedule is another reason why our company is tops in the industry. Regardless of the season, our team members are ready to tackle the dirtiest carpet or discolored hardwood floor at a moment’s notice. We do not insist on a long-term contract and are more than happy to perform a one-time cleaning service with no further obligation on the part of the customer.

For complete information on our residential cleaning services, feel free to visit our contact page or call us at 800-309-7881. We will be delighted to discuss pricing, home service scheduling, and our environmentally friendly approach to floor maintenance.

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