How to Keep Your New Jersey Home Allergy Free

How to Keep Your New Jersey Home Allergy FreeAllergy season rolls around and you’re bathed in misery. Anything that involves going outside makes you miserable, but your house isn’t providing you with much more relief. When seasonal allergies are getting you down, there are ways to protect your home and make it safe. While you may know to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner, some of these other tips might surprise you.

Separate Your Clothes

Keep the coat and shoes in the front closet and leave your day clothes tucked neatly in the bedroom closet. The pollen outside drifts on the air and can settle on anything. This includes your clothes, shoes and even your hair. When you take that sweat jacket and hang it neatly in the closet, you’re spreading pollen to your business suits or your pajamas. When you come in from outside, put the outerwear in a separate closet. When you change for bed, put anything you wore outside to be washed. Try to launder or dry-clean all outer wear items at the end of the allergy season.

Vacuum Everything

This may seem unreasonable, but it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. If you went outside in your short-sleeve shirt and then sat down on the couch, you just spread pollen and allergens to the upholstery. When you vacuum the carpet, take just a few minutes to run an upholstery attachment over your sofa and recliner. Not only will have a little more allergy relief, but you’ll also keep the furniture looking great.

Change the Filter

Filters are made to catch debris like allergens and pet dander. Change the filter on your HVAC system every month to keep the home cleaner. Room air purifiers also have filters that should be changed regularly, and when was the last time you changed the vacuum filter? When buying filters, remember that you want a higher quality to catch more allergens and provide you with relief. It’s worth a few extra dollars to know that the air is cleaner.

Move the Furniture

It’s amazing how much dander and dust can gather under the legs of your couch. Running the vacuum or broom under the edge simply isn’t enough. You need to actually scoot the furniture over and vacuum where the legs were. In addition to protecting yourself from allergies, you’ll also prevent dents from forming in the carpet.

Get Plants

Some plants will make your allergies worse, but there are a few that will actually remove the allergens and make you feel better. English Ivy can eliminate up to 60 percent of airborne mold in a room in a matter of hours. A lady palm tree is great for adding humidity and is hailed as one of the best air purifying plants. Put one or two plants in each room to help keep it clean and free of allergens.

There are some great medications for your allergies, but these won’t be nearly as effective if the allergens are lurking inside your home. Keeping the misery out of your house is the ideal solution, but you can also have the house cleaned better to ensure that hidden problems are removed. Contact us today if you don’t have time to clean and want the professionals to bring you allergy relief in the form of a clean home.

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