How to Keep Snow out and Your House Clean

How to keep snow out and your home cleanGetting snowed in during the winter season is a great excuse to stay at home and catch up on your chores or just kick back and relax with a movie night in. It can be even more enjoyable if you take the necessary measures to keep the snow outside and the inside of your home spotless.

  1. Clear Your Doorway and Driveway

Tough winters make shoveling snow a must sometimes, which is why it’ll make your life easier to prep ahead of time. To begin with, you should plant rods along the edges of the plants and bushes surrounding your driveway to know up to where you can stop shoveling. Use a large shovel to load more snow when you shovel.

If it’s snowing a lot, you might even have to shovel a bit while it’s snowing so as to prevent the snow from building up and adhering to surfaces, making it tougher to get it out of the way. That’s best done when there’s enough sunlight to loosen up the snow a bit. The piling up of snow can also put your property at risk of water damage.

For your yard and front door stairway, you can use sand to help the snow melt more quickly. Make sure to have a mat or rack by the door for everyone to place his or her shoes in upon entering your home. It’s also helpful to have a boot scraper and doormat ready.

  1. Clear the Dust and Residue

There are many different visible and hidden areas in your home where dust can be lurking. Since you’ll most likely be spending more time indoors, you should regularly dust around different corners, tops, and edges in your home.

Here are a few spots to pay attention to:

  • Dust ceiling fan blades and chandeliers
  • Dust tops and trimmings of doors, mirrors, and shelves
  • Vacuum the bottoms of your furniture pieces
  • Vacuum behind oven and refrigerator
  • Dust the exterior vent cover
  • Replace furnace/HVAC filters
  • Dust wall corners

By eradicating dust in these areas, you can prevent the formation of dust bunnies, as well as the development of allergies or worsening of health conditions.

  1. Clear the Germs

Disinfecting the rooms in your home is a must. You should be sure to give your bathrooms a strong scrub and disinfect places like your toothbrush holder and of course, the toilets.

Also, be sure to sanitize the trash around your home. Give your trashcans and bins a good rinse. These containers are home to a host of bacteria so it’s crucial to use strong fluids, such as a 1:6 bleach and water blend or an equal parts vinegar and water mixture to sterilize.

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