How to Get Your Family to Help Clean

towels-569139__180It seems that a parent’s work is never done — and that certainly extends to the vacuuming, dusting, and other cleaning practices. If you’re busy with a job or volunteer work, then finding time to clean and polish the home can seem like an impossible task.

However, you may have extra help sitting right there on the couch. While your kids or spouse may prefer to spend their time watching TV or playing video games, there are ways to get them more involved with the housework.

Go to Jail

Are you tired of picking up your kids’ stuff? Whether it’s the iPod that’s always sitting on the coffee table or the craft that’s scattered across the floor, it’s time to lock up those stray items. Get a large, clear container, and turn it into your “jail.” When you have to pick up the items, they go to jail. Release is only available when the owner does a chore. Kids will become more aware of where their stuff is, and you’ll get some help around the house.

Set the Timer

Tell your kids that it’s time to clean up, but also explain that clean up time won’t last all day because you’re setting a timer. If they put in full effort, then the cleaning session ends when the timer buzzes. Otherwise, the session continues. Most people have success with 15-minute sessions, and this is the ideal solution for quick cleanups right before bed.

Rewards and Consequences

Chore charts have been around for generations. You can customize one at home or get one online. When chores are done, the kids get their allowance. If chores aren’t done, then the allowance is withheld and another consequence may be handed out.

When you first start the chore chart, you may need to remind your kids. Focus on getting them to the point where they do the chores independently and without being reminded by you.

Lower Your Expectations

If you notice that even your spouse hides when it’s time to clean, you may want to examine how the cleaning sessions go. Are you constantly correcting how your son sweeps or telling your daughter that she missed a spot on the mirrors? Step back and remind yourself that people have to learn how to clean, and they won’t want to learn if they only receive negative feedback. If lowering your expectations will get you a little more assistance, then it’s time to step back, relax, and let them clean their way.

Time For Training

Believe it or not, your family may resist helping you because they just don’t know how. This is a common problem with young children. They may feel overwhelmed by very messy bedrooms or large projects. Teach them how to break the chore down into smaller parts that they feel more confident with.

With a little effort and some creativity, you can get your kids involved in the housework. However, you’ll find that it’s easier to maintain a clean home than it is to get a messy one in order. It may be worth your time and sanity to let the professionals handle the initial cleaning, and then you can work on teaching your family how to maintain the clean counters and floors. Here at 1st Class Cleaning, we’re happy to offer one-time appointments, so call us today to see how we can get your house in tip-top shape and ready for your family.

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