How to Get a Clean Streak-Free Mirror in Your NYC Home

How to Get a Clean Streak-Free Mirror in Your NYC HomeWe all know how frustrating it can be to finish cleaning a mirror only to find a range of streaks that make it look dirty all over again. These streaks can be caused by several elements including stubborn residue that could be left behind from toothpaste, hair/beauty products, and even water!

To avoid going through the annoyance, there are some things you can do. If you’re using newspapers to clean your mirrors, stop and move on to the following pointers that’ll help you get an easy breezy clean the next time you reach for your cleaning supplies.

Off with the Smudges!

You know how we always talk about effective natural cleaners you can find in your kitchen? Well, you can pull them out for this process—namely, distilled vinegar and water. You should pay attention to the water that you’ll be using to clean and whether it’s coarse. That’s sometimes the case when you’re utilizing tap water.

Sometimes, the minerals in hard water are to blame for those unsightly streaks that are left behind after wiping your mirror glass. If that’s the type of water you’re dealing with, you should use distilled water, which you can even pour in your cleaner to dilute it.

  1. Create your own cleaning solution. Just pour an equal parts mixture of water and vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the glass. If you can’t stand the scent of vinegar, you might want to decrease the amount for use.
  1. Use soap to get rid of stubborn residue. If you happen to notice more hard-to-remove suds left over after wiping the mirror, use a small dose of soap or rubbing alcohol to eliminate them (be sure not to overdo the use of soap in order to avoid streaks).
  1. Wipe the mirror down with a microfiber cloth. You could use paper towels, instead, but microfiber cloths are more effective for removing scuffmarks. Fold the microfiber cloth in different sections to have a clean spot to use as you’re wiping the glass.

The trick in cleaning a mirror without leaving streaks behind lies in wiping the mirror in the right direction. Start off with cleaning from the upper left corner and moving to the upper right corner. Then, wipe the glass down in a left-to-right motion to make sure you cover the entire surface.

Additionally, you should make sure that you don’t use too much cleaner, which is why it’s recommended to go with a spray bottle for a lighter mist. Using too much cleaning solution can cause adverse results. If you use rubbing alcohol to remove marks, you should wipe the surface right away since it’ll dry more quickly than soap.

Let 1st Class Cleaning Do the Job for You

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