How to Freshen Up a Mattress

Even for folks that are cleaning whizzes and try to dust, vacuum, and do laundry once a week, there is one item of furniture that is regularly forgotten. The mattress. Here are a few tips on how to freshen your mattress.

Over time, mattresses can build up dust, allergens and molds. You will not be able to put a blanket over your mattress and make those go away very easily without a little bit of work.

First, you need to do the laundry often. Sheets, blankets and pillows that sit unwashed for long periods of time can easily contribute to a mattresses wear and tear. Keeping them clean, however, removes some of the dust and allergens and does not allow these contaminants to sink fully into the cloth of your mattress.

Once your bed sheets are being washed, freshening your mattress begins. You will need to get a vacuum. Before you vacuum the mattress, pour a small layer of baking soda on top of your mattress and let it sit for about five to ten minutes. Baking soda has long been a very popular natural odor eater, and here is another case where its cleaning powers can shine. It will also absorb any moisture. Then go ahead, using the vacuum, and vacuum all the powder up from the top and sides of your bed. Make sure you get the edges. Edges are easily forgotten about, but do tend to attract the most dust, so make sure they are cleaned as well.

For those whose mattresses need some extra special treatment, there are a few more steps you can take. You should try mixing together a solution of dishwasher detergent and water; you can spray this solution on top of your mattress. This can help with immediate odor. You will need to give your mattress time to dry after it has been lightly sprayed. Another option is the once a month baking soda trick. You can pour a larger amount of baking soda on your mattress and leave it for one day. After that, vacuum it up. Because of the long time it has been left to sink in, the mattress should now be in tip top shape.

Here are some simple mattress freshening tips you can use.

  1. Keeping your mattress clean is easier than fixing it up once it has been damaged. Try not to spill anything on your mattress. If something does spill, treat and clean it up immediately. You can also use mattress protectors or slip covers underneath your sheets to really protect your mattress from unwanted dust or stains.
  2. Whenever it gets too musty, freshen your mattress up using the baking soda trick described above.
  3. Air your mattress out. Bring it outside on a warm and sunny day. The sunlight will be able to easily dry your mattress out and kill any mold spores that have been living inside of it.

Keep freshening your mattress on a weekly or monthly basis, and it will last a long time for you, and serve you well.

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