How to Ensure your NYC Apartment Building’s Lobby, Elevators, Hallways and Other Shared Spaces Remain Clean

How to Ensure your NYC Apartment Building's Lobby, Elevators, Hallways and Other Shared Spaces Remain CleanIf you own an apartment building, then you know how difficult it can sometimes be to maintain a clean environment all the time. Having clean surroundings not only affects your tenants’ mood, health, and the overall appearance of your building, but it also greatly influences the perception of visitors and potential tenants.

As a landlord, you’re responsible for maintaining the shared areas in your building, including the lobby, hallways, staircases, and elevators, among others. It’s essential to ensure that the right cleaning processes are in place to assure a safe and spotless setting at all times.

Create a Practical Cleaning Regimen

Similar to a hotel lobby, the apartment lobby is namely the first area of an apartment building to be encountered by residents and visitors. Hallways and elevators are also frequented daily.

Before any of these spaces are cleaned, they should be prepared by adding cones/signs that caution against wet floors when they are mopped. This will help prevent the occurrence of any slips or falls and it’ll also help maintain a clean floor.

Separating the cleaning processes into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks is the most efficient way to ensure that the lobby is consistently cleaned.


  • All trash should be taken out and tile areas should be dusted.
  • Walls, doors, and mirrors should be spot-cleaned every day, too, using an all-purpose cleaner; for tougher spots, a more intense cleaning detergent should be used.
  • Vacuum carpet hallways regularly. For carpet floors or upholstery, a spot should be treated instantly so as to avoid a damaging stain.
  • Keep an aromatic ambiance by constantly using air fresheners around the apartment building.
  • Sterilize all sections that are contacted frequently, such as doorknobs and elevator floor buttons.


  • Every week, more specific areas that are not often visible should be dusted.
  • Make sure floors are swept and mopped. Tile floors should be polished and buffed after being mopped.
  • Wipe down any glass spots and smudges for a sparkly finish.
  • Clean the furniture using the respective cleaning tools and methods. Some might require vacuuming or deep rinses.
  • Vacuum floor mats as well as areas of heavy traffic.
  • Disinfect trash cans to eliminate germs and odors.


  • Wipe down all walls thoroughly so as to remove any dust bunnies and other debris or residue.
  • All air and heating vents should be dusted and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Thoroughly clean all window glasses and floor mats.

The cleaning supplies used should be cleaned, as well. In addition to ensuring that all areas are cleaned, you should also pay attention to having light bulbs changed when necessary so as to keep your building secure.

Contact 1st Class Cleaning

By making sure that all cleaning processes are regularly met, your apartment building will always be a pleasurable place to live in and visit. The expert cleaners at 1st Class Cleaning have been cleaning apartment buildings in NYC for a while now. Learn more about love avoidance coaching.

We use the most efficient cleaning methods and tools to assure a sparkly, germ-free environment all the time. Call us today for more information about our services and how we can help you have the cleanest apartment building in NYC.

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