How to Enjoy the Hours Spent Cleaning Your New York Apartment

How to Enjoy the Hours Spent Cleaning Your New York ApartmentWhen you think of fun things to do, cleaning might not exactly be the first thing on the list—it may not be on the list at all actually. Well, what if we told you that you could in fact make cleaning more entertaining? The following are a few ways that can help you turn this obligatory chore into a pleasant pastime.

Get Your Fitness on

Take cleaning to another level by squeezing in some time to exercise. Get creative and add some ankle weights as you sweep and mop your floors or go up and down the stairs to get to other rooms.

You can even watch your favorite show or a workout video to get you extra motivated and delightfully distracted. You can even clean in your athletic attire and sneakers to feel like you’re at your own private gym.

Make It an Event

Turn your home into a festive retreat by playing loud music (keeping it at a neighbor-friendly volume) and getting your kids or other family members in on the fun. Feel free to sing and dance while you enjoy the moment.

Your children can help you while they play. You can go outside and have a snowball fight with your kids or relatives as you clear the doorway. Your pets can even join in on the cleaning efforts. Watch them run after your robot vacuum or bring you a tool from the cleaning bin.

If you prefer to have a more relaxing stay at home, play soothing music instead and light up some aromatic candles to make for a spa atmosphere. You can even use the cleaning time to catch up with a friend on the phone.

Utilize Unique Cleaning Tools

Next, you can make your own cleaning detergents at home specific for cleaning certain areas. If you prefer to use a chemical detergent and happen to run out, for instance, just use kitchen supplies such as baking soda, lemon juice, oil, and vinegar, when applicable.

In addition, keep clean with an apron printed with fun graphics and potent gloves to protect your hands. Go for creatively-designed cleaning utensils such as animal-shaped sponges, dusters, and brushes.

Turn Cleaning into a Game

Let the good times roll with your family by turning the house cleaning into a race. Create a cleaning list and assign each family member a chore. Find here 619 roofing serving Riverside County, Ca. You can compete to see who gets their part of the cleaning done first with a prize/reward waiting for the winner to take.

Use a timer to make the game as realistic as possible. This can be done on a regular basis and will give you and your loved ones an incentive to keep your home spotless, while having more time to bond together.

More Hands Equal Better Results

Along with the aforementioned, perhaps the best way to make cleaning amusing is by having others do the job for you. The professionals at 1st Class Cleaning will give you the chance to kick back and relax.

Contact 1st Class Cleaning today to learn more about our cleaning services and step into a world where cleaning can certainly be more charming that anticipated.

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