How to Eliminate House Stress

Have you ever had unexpected company while your house couldn’t possibly be any messier? I believe most of us have experienced this type of situation at least once or twice. When this occurs we are forced to go into a mad frenzy of house cleaning and we run around organizing a few things without the visitors noticing. When we don’t have any time to organize a few things we are terribly embarrassed and ask to be excused for the terrible mess. Well, even though it’s not easy to keep on top of housework, especially when you have a big family and work, its best you try to keep your house as clean as possible to avoid embarrassing situations. There is a way to do almost everything and there are ways to keep your house clean even if you have a busy schedule, which means there is no excuse for having a messy house. If you follow most of these tips you won’t have to worry about embarrassing situations anymore.

What to do if company is on their way:

Look Good in front of your guests (They will never know)

  1. Create a checklist with a deadline and the tasks that need to be done. To make your life easier you are entitled to ask for help and if you have a big family even better because you can assign tasks to each of them and offer rewards when dealing with lack of enthusiasm. Take advantage of having a large family; everyone who is part of the mess should help.
  2. If you are the type person who needs to get in the mood in order to complete tasks, try making cleaning fun and get yourself in a good mood. Pump up some music in your stereo, turn off the TV and just enjoy yourself while cleaning. It is also a good way of changing your family’s attitude towards cleaning if they are doing it against their will.
  3. A great way to begin is by cleaning the rooms’ guests see first, such as the kitchen, main bathroom, and living room. Once you have cleaned these rooms move on to the bedrooms, which are rooms guests don’t tend to look at in detail. The rooms mentioned at first are very important because they tend to say a lot about a person. If these rooms aren’t well-cleaned you won’t be able to impress your guests and look good in front of them.
  4. Remove Clutter: If you have any dirty dishes in any of the rooms clean them, or if you have a dishwasher place them there so they could be cleaned. Also if you have piles of clothes all over your bedroom floor pick them up and put them away. Not one piece of clothing should be seen on your floor.
  5. Pick up everything from your floors, toys, hobby and sports items and place them where they belong. Make sure you straighten furniture, cushions, pictures, and lampshades or any magazines left around the house.
  6. Make beds, dust, broom, mop and when you are done go back and check to see if everything looks nice and neat so that you can relax and be ready to receive company with open arms.

How to prevent this situation from happening again

  1. Make a chart with daily chores for everyone in your home as well as yourself. Place the chart in a room in your house where everyone usually hangs out this way they will always be reminded of the chores that need to be done. Also by doing small chores everyday your house will always be clean and you won’t be jammed up with chores when expecting company.
  2. If you are not a fanatic of sweeping or dusting, get yourself a good vacuum with attachments so the chores will be easier and the vacuum will do most of the work for you. This usually encourages people when it comes to cleaning because they find it easier. Make sure you have good and healthy cleaning products and equipment such as, pails, mops, wash cloths, and scrubbing brushes.
  3. However, if you hate cleaning and you prefer not to deal with cleaning your home you could always call a cleaning service and have someone go to your home every week.

These tips are helpful and necessary at desperate times when company is expected but to avoid stressing situations it is best to maintain your house clean on a daily basis.

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