How To Efficiently Clean Your Pool Without Professional Help

How To Efficiently Clean Your Pool Without Professional Help How To Efficiently Clean Your Pool Without Professional Help

A clean pool is ready for use on a hot summer afternoon, but a cloudy one makes you head back inside. You may think that you have to call in the professionals when it’s time to clean the pool, but this really isn’t necessary. In fact, you can easily keep your pool clean and welcoming by following a few easy steps.

Clean the Skimmers

Your pool pump pulls water through the system, but the flow of water slows down as the skimmers fill with debris. Keep the skimmer baskets clean to avoid problems with the pump and improve efficiency levels. With the pump working correctly, your pool will stay cleaner with less work. You may have to shut down the pump to clean out internal baskets and lint pots, but it’s an important part of pool maintenance.

Maintain Chemical Levels

The chemicals in your pool are necessary to clean the water and keep it clear. Test the levels two to three times a week to see if you need to add more chemicals. Invest in special floating dispensers that you can drop a few tablets in. This will help you maintain steady chemicals even when you are a little busy. When you check chemical levels, take a minute to feel the pressure of water returning to the pool. If the return pumps are weak, then you should clean your lint pots and make sure that skimmers are clean.

Maintain a Healthy Barrier

Keeping the pool clean inside actually starts outside the pool. When you cut the grass, bag the clippings so they won’t be dragged into the water. Invest in a pool deck of wood or concrete that is easy to clean and helps keep debris out of the pool. This barrier will also prevent vegetation and the wrong chemicals from migrating into the pool.

Watch for Shade

A shady area feels good in the afternoon, but areas of the pool that remain shaded throughout the day are more likely to have algae growth. Watch the shade as it moves across the yard. If necessary, trim a few tree branches. Keep floating toys out of the pool to eliminate shade. If you do get frequent algae growth, shock the pool more frequently to keep it clean.

The Right Vacuuming

When vacuuming the pool, the goal is to pull the dirt up and out without letting it drift through the water. This means that you want the water to be as still as possible. Whether you clean from the deck or get into the water, use slow movements to avoid stirring up the dirt rather than vacuuming it away.

With help from 1st Class Cleaning, you don’t have to clean the pool yourself. You can benefit from affordable services and enjoy the beauty of a clean, sparkling pool. The services are affordable, and you can trust that the dirt and algae will effectively be removed. If you still want to handle the pool maintenance yourself, follow these tips to ensure that your pool is clean and ready for use.

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