How to Deep Clean Your Gas Stove Burners

ginsburgconstruction-kitchen-3-330737_640When it comes to cleaning appliances, gas stoves can be a little tricky. The burners can become caked with food and grease can build up all around the cooktop. While you may have a self-cleaning feature for the oven interior, this won’t help you with the top and exterior of the stove. Here’s what you need to know about deep cleaning your gas stove to make it look like new again:

Break it Down
It’s easier to clean the oven if you remove the grates and racks. Soak the racks in a tub filled with hot water along with either a ½-cup of dishwashing soap or ¾-cup of laundry detergent. Be sure to lay the racks on an old towel to avoid scratching your tub. The burners should be washed to remove the grease and food. Once you have most of the scum off, coat them with a paste made from baking soda and water. Stack them in a bucket so that you can let the mixture work its magic overnight. The next day, rinse the racks and burners to see just how great they look!

An alternative treatment is to put the burners or racks in a garbage bag along with some ammonia. Then, seal it. The fumes in the ammonia break down grease and food particles, so you don’t even have to cover the surface. Set the bag on your patio or in the garage overnight so that you won’t breathe the fumes for a long period of time. The next day, carefully open the bag and rinse off the components.

Making the Paste

If you want a shining oven without worrying about fumes and chemicals, then baking soda is your best friend. In a bowl, make a paste out of water and baking soda. It should be thin enough to spread with a spatula, but thick enough that it will hold to the vertical surfaces. Coat the cold oven interior with this mixture and let it sit overnight. The next day, wipe out what you can with paper towels. Spray a little vinegar over the remaining and scrub the surface with a clean towel. Finally, rinse it with water to make your oven look like new.

Treating the Exterior

Start by wiping down your cooktop with dish detergent and warm water. Treat baked in grease and other marks with the same paste that was used inside the oven. Dampen a paper towel and set this over the baking soda paste. While that’s soaking, pull the oven away from the wall so that you can scrub the sides. No matter how careful you are while cooking, the occasional spill will go down the sides. The good news is that most of these spills can be cleaned off with your dish detergent and a soft scrubbing pad. Push the stove back in position, remove the drying paper towels, and clean away what’s left of the cooking stains.

Get Help from the Professionals!

Rather than spending your free time scrubbing the stove and fighting with food stains, see how the team at 1st Class Cleaning can assist you. We offer comprehensive services, and we’ll customize a cleaning plan that suits your needs. Call 1st Class Cleaning right when you need help cleaning the home or just scrubbing out your gas stove.

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