How To Deep Clean Your Dirty Garage

Garages can be used as practice space for your teenager’s band, storage for holiday decorations or to keep your car clean and safe. The space won’t work for any of these purposes if it is caked in grime and old grease. If you rarely spend time in your garage, it is easy for things to become terribly cluttered and dirty. Tackle the garage in a weekend or over a few days and enjoy a clean and organized extension of your home.

How To Deep Clean Your Dirty GarageRemove Everything

Start the deep cleaning process by removing every last screw, missing sock and bent bicycle frame. Sort items into piles of things you want to keep and what needs to be donated or thrown out. Dried up paint and expired pesticides shouldn’t take up shelf space that could be used for useful items. Put anything of value inside the home or a fenced-in backyard, especially if you plan to take multiple days to complete your project. Sort your garage’s contents as you remove them. If your garage has been stuffed with boxes for the past few years, try holding a yard sale as you empty it to ensure you have more room after the cleaning process is completed.

Scrub and Spray

Dust and grime settles on every surface of the garage, much like it does inside the house. The main reason a garage is grimier when you finally start deep cleaning is a lack of maintenance. Your garage has had months or years to build up a thick coating of dirt. Wipe down shelves, scrub workbenches and use a workshop vacuum to suck up cobwebs and sawdust. Sweep out the garage floor and rent a pressure washer to help wash away oil slicks and stains. If you have a painted floor or an epoxy covering, use the cleaning procedures recommended by the manufacturers.

Work Around the Structures

If you have installed hanging shelves or a large workbench, don’t forget to clean around and behind them. Leaving a pile of dust behind a tool cabinet will cause the garage to become dirty again shortly after you go through all the work.

Add Storage Units

Every item that is permanently stored in the garage should have its own shelf, plastic bin or hook. Keep pesticides together in one area, so you can quickly find a spray bottle as soon as you spot a line of ants. Try to keep things off of the floor. This prevents damage to boxes and their contents if a spill or flooding occurs, and it speeds up the tidying process in between deep cleaning sessions. Everything should have its place before you move in a single object.

Restore Order

Bring your items back in after the floor has dried from the pressure washing. Remember that each box and bag is taking up valuable space, so limit yourself to only items you can use in the next six months to a year. Invest in climate-controlled storage for delicate family heirlooms that could become damaged in the hot and dusty garage.

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