How to Clean Your New York City Balcony or Patio Without Breaking a Sweat

How to Clean Your New York City Balcony or Patio Without Breaking a SweatWhether you live in a house or in an apartment, keeping your patio or balcony clean will make taking a breath of fresh air more pleasurable. Since these spaces are exposed to a range of outdoor elements, they’re more prone to gathering dust and dirt.

The more consistently you clean your balcony or patio, the easier it will be to use it more frequently. Although it might seem intimidating to tackle such outdoor areas on a consistent basis, the following tips go to prove that it doesn’t have to be a mission.

Getting a Spotless Space

Before you begin cleaning, remove all of the furniture, including any chairs, tables and the barbecue, if you have one. Also, remove anything else that can get in the way of cleaning, such as plant pots or floor mats.

  1. Clean the walls and balcony rails. Dip a scrub brush in a lukewarm, equal parts multi-purpose cleaner and water solution and scrub the walls. When you’re done scrubbing, you can use a damp cloth to remove the soap. Let the walls air dry or grab a dry microfiber cloth.
  1. Move on to the glass doors. Mix dish detergent with water in a large bucket. Apply the mixture to the entire glass. Then, use a squeegee to remove the soap by moving down the glass in a diagonal motion.
  1. Sweep the floor. Grab a broom and sweep the floors, making sure to include corners where dust balls can be quite common. Use a dustpan to gather the dirt and grime so as to make sure the residue won’t land in your neighbor’s place.
  1. Wash your furniture pieces. The way you clean your furniture items will depend on their composition. If you’re cleaning a plastic table and plastic chairs, you can use a sponge dipped in soap and water to wipe them down followed by a wet microfiber rag. For fabric pieces and your grill, it’s best to follow the care instructions.
  1. Give the floors a final rinse. Before moving the furniture back into place, pour all-purpose cleaner in a bucket of water and dip a scrub brush (you can use the same tools used to clean the walls, as outlined in #1 above). Scrub any grease stains off the floor and then use a mop to finish it off.

When you’re done cleaning the floors once more, you can return all the furniture and accessories, and contently use your balcony and patio.

Never Lift a Finger to Clean Your Outdoor Space

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