How To Clean Your Manhattan Apartment Before a Date

How To Clean Your Manhattan Apartment Before a DateYou have a big date planned, and you start thinking about the possibility that your new love interest may want to come back to your Manhattan apartment. In addition to visiting the grocery store for some snacks and refreshments, you also need to make sure the apartment is clean. Looking around, you may decide that getting the apartment ready before your date arrives is hopeless, but there are some quick tips that can help you get the place cleaned up to make the right impression.

Do the Flight of the Bumblebee

Grab a laundry basket and do the flight of the bumblebee. You can even sing the song in your head if that helps you move faster. Go through the rooms that are likely to be used and put stray items in the basket. As you continue moving through the apartment, put things away as you enter the rooms they belong in. Work your way from the front door to the last room and then back again. Now that most of the stray clutter is put away, you are ready to start making the place shine.

Hit the High-Up Dusting

You have grown immune to that cobweb in the corner, but you are going to be mortified if your date notices it. Whether he freaks out and screams or she teases you playfully, it’s still going to be embarrassing. Grab a feather duster and go through the apartment dusting the corners and knocking down any webs or dust. It only takes a few minutes, and it will make your detailed cleaning go a little faster.

Quick Bathroom Tips

Bathrooms actually don’t take long to clean when you know what order to work in. Start by squirting toilet cleaner in the bowl, swirl it around the shut the lid. Don’t flush it yet because the fumes will work to clean the lid while you clean the rest of the room. Next, take your shower cleaner and spray the shower walls and tubs. You may think that you can just close the shower curtain, but women are notorious for peeking in the shower to see if it’s clean. If your date is a dude, then this trick might work, but are you willing to chance it? Make sure you turn on the vent so you don’t get sick from any fumes while you work, or use green cleaners to avoid them completely.

While the toilet and shower are soaking and shining, you are ready to tackle the sink, cabinets and floor. Fill a bucket with warm water and a little all-purpose cleaner. Soak a rag in the solution, wring it out and then start cleaning the bathroom by working from the top down, but save the commode for last. Wipe off the tops of doorframes and cabinets, clean the sink and counter, and make sure you wipe down the vanity. The same rag can be used to polish fixtures like the toilet paper holder, towel racks and around the light switch. Rinse the rag and use it to scrub the floor. Finally, rinse the rag one last time and use it to wipe down toilet, including the lid, sink and rim. Flush the toilet and you are ready to tackle the shower.

Start running the hottest water you can stand into the tub. Using a clean rag, rinse the cleaning agent off the walls and scrub the surface as you go. Leave the curtain open with the fan going so the shower can air dry while you polish the mirror. Use the glass cleaner to also give your chrome fixtures a quick shine. Close the shower curtain, put out fresh curtain, and you can confidently give directions to the bathroom when your date asks to use it later.

Fast Kitchen Clean-Ups

Start by making sure the dishes are clean and put away. Loading them in the dishwasher counts because the main thing is that you do not want dirty dishes sitting in the sink. Next, clean off the counters. Start in one corner and work your way around the room to make sure you hit all flat surfaces. Move the stack of mail to the desk, put the bread back in the cabinet and see if you can fit small appliances in a cabinet. The cleaner your counters are, the faster this next step will go.

Fill one side of the sink with hot, soapy water. You can use an all-purpose cleaner or a little dish soap, they both work fine. Start at the same corner of the kitchen and wipe down all the surfaces. Wipe off the counters, and give the cabinets a quick swipe while you work. If there are doorframes or pictures you can reach, they should also be wiped off at the same time. With the counters clean and sparkling, you are ready to sweep and mop the floor. Pay close attention to the areas around your baseboards as dirt and food tends to collect there.

Polish Furniture

When it comes to polishing furniture, you don’t want to fill a bucket and use a rag because that takes too long to dry. Instead, use a convenient furniture polish with a clean cloth. Method has an almond wood cleaner in a spray bottle that works wonders. Spray a little on the wood surface, and then polish it in with a slightly damp cloth. Move around the apartment dusting all the wood to make it shine.

Treat the Glass

You probably don’t have time to polish the windows during this cleaning session, but you do want to wipe off any glass shelves that are dusty. If you have mirrors in the apartment, it only takes a few minutes to clean them. If time allows and you have the energy, then give the insides of your windows a quick wipe.

Wipe off the Upholstery

Ideally, you should vacuum the upholstered furniture when you clean, but you may be running out of steam by this point. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the upholstered furniture and make sure there are no crumbs. This is also a chance to check between the cushions and make sure there’s nothing that will embarrass you if it appears.

Vacuum the Carpets

The kitchen and bathroom are the most important rooms, but that doesn’t mean you want to neglect other areas. Take the time to vacuum the carpets. You don’t have to move the furniture to do a quick vacuuming, and it will make the entire apartment look better. If you have hardwood floors in the living room, you will want to sweep them. Be sure to run the broom or vacuum under open furniture legs to pick up the dust bunnies.

What Impression Are You Trying To Make?

There is a word of caution here for men inviting a lady back to their apartments. If the place sparkles too much and it’s obvious that you put a lot of work into the cleanup, then your lady friend may feel like there is an expectation. If she feels pressured, then you may not receive a call for a second date. While you want the place to be clean, you don’t necessarily have to make it so clean that you could perform open heart surgery in the dining room.

Making the Clean-Up Faster

After going through a marathon cleaning session for a date once, you may decide that you really don’t want to go through that again. The cleaner you keep your home on a regular basis, the less time it will take to get ready for a date. Try to tidy up stray items every day, and keep the bathroom and kitchen reasonably clean so they won’t need a lot of scrubbing.

Hire the Professionals

If you really don’t have time, energy or the desire to clean, then consider hiring professionals to help you. With regular cleaning services, your apartment will usually be “company ready.” With a quick vacuuming and tidying, you will be able to invite your date in without worrying that the kitchen floor is sticky or the bathroom is an embarrassment.

Another benefit of hiring the professionals is that you can call on them for special occasions. If you have a date on Saturday night, then you can make arrangements to have the apartment cleaned Saturday afternoon. When your date arrives, you can be proud of a sparkling apartment, and you can honestly say that it was “the cleaning lady’s day,” so your date won’t feel pressured.

A clean apartment is important not just when you have a date but throughout the year. You will be more relaxed when your apartment is clean, and you will be able to invite people in at the last minute. Trust the regular cleaning services of 1st Class Cleaning, or have us come in and shine the apartment for a special occasion. We have reasonable prices, and you will be impressed with our services. Contact us today to make an appointment to have your apartment cleaned so you can get yourself ready for your important date.

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